Tiger Woods: “I’m Deeply Sorry”

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In a live televised statement, Tiger Woods says he is ‘deeply sorry' for irresponsible and selfish behavior. (Feb. 19)


Hansen Peter says:


GWhiz99 says:

Soon after tabloid media went into a feeding frenzy over the revelation
that pro golfer Tiger Woods had been on a serial adultery spree, there were
reports that at least one of his trysts had been video recorded and that it
was being shopped to porn companies for a Kim Kardashian / Paris
Hilton-type feature. While a commercially produced Woods tape never hit the
market, as porn world is prone to do, at least one spoof production gave
its interpretation on the news of his extramarital affairs. “Tiger’s Got
Wood” was released in 2010 by Nectar Entertainment with Jonny Slim making
for reasonable facsimile of Tiger. If not his brother, Slim looks enough
like Woods to be his first cousin. Evan Stone and Slick Rhodes are also in
“Tiger’s Got Wood”. Actresses in the film are Diana Doll, Heidi Mayne,
India Summer, Jazy Berlin, Krissy Lynn, Madelyn Marie, Richelle Ryan, and
Ryder Skye. In 2011, Slim appeared in “Amateur Pursuit 1” from Dee Barnes
Productions. Unrelated: Adult’s Jake Steed f***s a pixilated face using a
pink, then orange condom in 2004’s “Most Blazin’ And Amazin’ Beautifulest
Black Bitches!” #1. Steed arrested 6/7/00 on charges of corporal injury to
a spouse and false imprisonment. Unrelated: Univ. of Iowa Hawkeyes
basketball star Pierre Antoine Pierce turned 17 on 6/7/00. In Aug. 2005,
Pierce plead guilty to 3rd-degree burglary, assault w/intent to commit
sexual abuse, false imprisonment, and 4th-degree criminal mischief in
Dallas County,IA Unrelated: Samms complaining of Park Wiley being too
aggressive, after which Park is asked to stop “topping from the bottom”;
JamesOn Curry, an alum of Eastern Alamance High (at 4040 Mebane Rogers
Road, Mebane, North Carolina) having played with the NBA Chicago Bulls &
NBA-D league’s Iowa Energy

camditim says:

@rhcp500 hey i think that roller coaster is a good word to use, but i think
the media just overreacted with this story

rap RD says:

after this video he goes partying and gets more hoes

Steven Kumar says:

Wow the media and public are acting like he committed a federal crime or
something, he apologized to his wife and the public, so move the hell on
people. Humans beings make mistakes.

Kaj Avila says:

Great! Maybe he´s gonna change his life after this! Hope so!

robcarey18 says:

ive never been a tiger woods fan because of the way he acts and carrys
himself…completely childish i mean really “MONEY IS CURRUPTION” as seen ,

FelinityMithra says:

This is how much of a sack of shit Tiger Woods really is: there is a poster
of himself in the first few minutes of the Sesame Street movie “Elmo in
Grouchland.” He has been so comfortable being such a nasty d*ckhead that he
had his picture up in a children’s movie. I wish I can find my other Elmo
movies so that I can forget about this one.

KidNamedDez says:

Lolol funny shit right there ^_^

CautionMusicEnt says:

@KoolJayJ checkout my tiger woods video

xananadu says:

why did he apologize to us lol, ill be honest i couldnt give a crap hes a
good golfer. this is too funny

Josue Martins says:

i am proud of this nigga….marry a white bitch and cheat on her with white
bitches don’t apologize from the heart.Son i am proud you and charlie
sheen.You guys are the best Son of a bitches walking on this planet…go on
fuck around don’t forget your condoms..it is your dick do whatever you

TheScareFaced says:

WHAT?!?! why the F*CK would someone be sorry that he banged a few sluts? ow
I know… because he was caught! does somebody honestly think that if he
wasn’t caught that he would stop cheating on his wife because he felt sry?

Deniz Unal says:

Just to be clear to every hater here and lover Every human each of you !
doesnt matter what you are or who you are Everyone makes mistake’s ! and
most of them learn of it but everyone learns it on a different way so don’t
blame people directly when they do something wrong it’s not like you guys
were a angel your hole life long -.- and with this i mean everyone
includiing me ! u guys also know that media is always making it 300 times
worses then normal. and that sux big time fck the media!

Beefeater says:

Can the world forgive Tiger :'(

PupuTheClown says:

Tiger should have never kissed ass, screw the world and keep playing golf
as if nothing happened.

GOAT763 says:

he didnt let me down i would of done the same thing get em tiger. 😀

TwiGGSTicK says:

@ReggieXDyou try to use your words correctly when people are lookin at you
at a bad way, you will fuck up your sentences in words 2. like standing in
front of 2000 people when you’re naked. you will need a piece of paper
because otherwise you forget what you’re going to say

TawnyaTee says:

I’m not sorry for that asshole and no sex addiction is not an excuse. I do
believe though that he shouldn’t be apologizing to the media its none of
their business its between him and his wife, but I guess its for the best
although even him apologizing doesnt do any good people are still going to
think and say things about him…

melissarbrsn says:

why is it when rich famous people make mistakes they appologize to the
public? he didnt cheat on me. the reason they do this is to salvage that
“good image” their rep’s want the public to believe.

pasinann says:

Tiger Woods is an arrrogant, self-absorbed, self-important, hypocritical
egomaniac. The only thing he is sorry about is being caught. All he knows
in life is golf. Big Fucking Deal. As a human being he has failed
miserably. I never could stand this smug basterd. Him and OJ are just about
the same in character. Tiger, you are no better than anyone else so come
down off your high horse and wipe that smug look off of your face. All you
have is golf balls and a swing.

davidcontractor says:

He’s sorry but he had one hell of a good time…

opsimathics says:

freaking weirdest “apology” ever. “I have fucked and had sex with an
enormous amount of women and for that I am truly sorry” WHAT THE HELL dude
you didn’t kill anyone.

rick7531 says:

He is so sorry that he got caught fucking white sluts.

KrackowKid says:

The only one he needs to apologise to is his own wife and family. I don’t
give a fucking damn what he does in his private life. This whole press
conference charade is embarrassing and a crock of horse shit that his
sponsors made him do in order for him to hold onto his lucrative
endorsements. Only Americans could buy into this superfical mealy mouthed
apology staged like some presidential address to the nation.

montelka says:

guys don’t cheat, u loose your wife, kids, your money, respect…it’s all

muccmin says:

SIGH.. iF he was white all this crap would have never been a big deal PLUS
the media wouldn’t work so hard to crush this guy, Dark skin beating whites
in a white sport, what you respect, and he’s letting the devil win being so
weak..crucify the dark skin to ruin him and crush his spirit. who cares
what he does its his life.

natnatnatdemdemdem says:

get over it, half of married people cheat. it’s his personal life so let
him just be. you condemming people are the real scumbags.

Anzhela Lazeski says:

i dont think he’s telling the truth cuz if he really was deeply sorry he
wouldn’t do this at all

CoolioandMerooroo says:

@camditim He is..most people do..or he just wrote his apology down so he
wouldn’t forget.

dalaw999 says:

he is coming back

stephstar108 says:

hes only sorry he got caught. idiot. dumb douche.

Justme93PCD says:

@eduarfull racist mutha fucka

elr456 says:

He only owes an apology to his wife. Everyone who isn’t his wife and thinks
they are owed an apology is a retard.

jhvscs says:

How can he possibly make a sincere apology in a public statement when the
only one he should feel the need to apologise to are his family?! He
doesn’t owe any of us an apology – what difference does it make to anyone
who he fucks?

yeehawwoohoo says:

@ReggieXD maybe he wrote the paper himself?ever think about that?

joaago says:

the only reason he apologyzing is beacause he got caught by Elin, and i
think Elin made him apology in puplic so they could “work” on their
marrage. If he didn’t got caught he wouldn’t apology, thats for sure… he
is Tiger “fucking” Woods for a reason!!

r1ch1etheman says:

@DALLAS19KD Why not, this was a long apology. He wrote it to make sure he
said everything he needed to say. idiot

Darryl hall says:

@ReggieXD STFU. He doesn’t owe an apology to ANYONE. He has a right to a
private life. Its no ones business but his own.

ryecatcher25 says:

@TheScareFaced lol, your assessment of what mr. woods did is quite funny.
if you are asking me if I would have countless sexual encounters with high
priced whores while my wife is at home watching my two children, then the
answer is no.

Darusdei says:

who cares?!?!?

Exox Sox says:

Deeply sorry to Nike and all your other sponsors who made you out as this
perfect Saint “family guy”. Fuck you Tiger!

KrackowKid says:

PR disaster. Makes we wanna puke.

godiskungen27 says:

@ueks69 I agree…GO Tiger. F them all.

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