Tiger Woods in 2008: Season of Dominance

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note2owns says:

Yeah but Tiger had to go and do something that many other athletes make the
mistake of doing….Chasing women. That pretty much will sum up his career
if he doesn’t get back on track soon….

Stephen Ford says:

This was when he was on his way to be being the GOAT.. still arguably is

TheArfdog says:

What he did was a little shady… but in this world of crimes, misdemeanors
and mistakes, I tend to rank this one as “meh”. What’s good is that he
plays the best golf ever. He also puts an energy into golf that just
wasn’t there before the 2000 season. All that is indisputable. A net huge
gain for golfers and the sports world.

Hank Stone says:

The should have be titled, “Tiger Woods: Season of Dominatrix”. 

soccerpro620 says:

for tiger woods

Alexander Potter says:

Really a shame what happened recently with his affairs, I am disappointed
in him but at the same time I wish he could just go back to his job,
playing great golf.

homerunking76 says:

thank you! These other people are fucking jackasses. hes human, humans make
mistakes, we’re not god, so to all you ignorant people…. HOP OFF DAT

pacypacman says:

He is doing it right now =) great to have him back

soccerpro620 says:

its funny how back then a fifth place at WGC and a second at the Masters is
a bad thing

BlakeLinebarger says:

at 3:38 what he says!! no we havent!!

TheChipAndSkip says:

I want fist pump tiger back.

pacypacman says:

He’s doing it now.

Stubbee says:

yeah thats a slump

rogerlofgren says:

and here we are!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited. and i know the rest of the
world is. no matter what hes done. even those who hates him is excited.

3ownsu says:

You people who scream “He is a terrible person and I am disappointed in
him” act like he is the only fucking person in the world who has affairs,
man or woman. Hell most of the idiots who say those things have themselves
cheated or will cheat. Hell his fucking wife was probably cheating, except
she’s not as famous as him so it’s not as bad right? Fucking idiot people
in the world.

Charlie West says:

welcome back

brian irish says:


diegosvega says:

You are right, what he does in his provate life is appart from what he does
with and for this sport.

giftedoz says:

2:03 check out that tan line on Tiger’s forehead

Dylan Aye says:

@huntersingle Ok redneck

il100374 says:

Man before 2009 no one could even touch Tiger…


1:18 ridiculous looking trophy!

IoISmurf says:

I finally get the quote “hello Ben Hogan” =)

sjstuart12 says:

wow dude really? why dont you do the world a favor and jump off a fucking
cliff you racist piece of shit

WeAndWeR1 says:

Great to see some Buick and Dubai classic Woods shots, there were many
more… these are under rated highlights

Billy Hamilton says:

i cant wait til he comes back!

Virtuoosi6 says:

I hope he gets his shit together and starts to play wonderfully again. I

Derek Joseph says:

hes already out of the tour :[

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