Tiger Woods' Interview In Butler Cabin

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Tiger Woods talks with Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo in Butler Cabin after winning the 2019 Masters


Håkan Hörjel says:

Just me who find Faldo bully and unsympathetic?

drakey27 says:

They get a jacket and a trophy nowadays?

Paul Ramsay says:

Ken venturi was not wrong.

James Ruckman says:

That trophy could not be less impressive. Just wonderful watching Tiger get one more. He'll win a few more tournaments. Maybe not another major though. Greatest of all time, sorry Jack.

Ei says:

If he didn’t betray his wife and kids going behind their backs with countless woman maybe his 11 years off would’ve been filled with major wins instead. Great career but could’ve been the most decorated

j818 says:

why didn't they talk to Patrick last year lol

John Bundner says:

Blessings to Mr. Woods on his 5th green jacket!

William Ho says:

Tiger, u r the greatest!

Willie Bateman says:

Tiger is a master and a master mine wow??

Pop says:

1972 Plymouth Duster. My first and most favorite car. Had that durable slant six motor, almost bulletproof.

Mark Arnett says:

Squeezer hot cuts ..love it

Jeff White says:

Critics: "Tiger is done. He will never win again"

Tiger laughs MAJOR-ly. ?

Ricardo Santos says:

Please can you guy’s make a documentary with tiger mother and family tnx

Ricardo Santos says:

❤️❤️❤️??????tnx for being positively endurance family problems n so on greatest job accomplished ❤️❤️❤️uuuuuuu??????

Dermot O'Malley says:

132 down votes. Why?

Christina Pankey says:

That one win ruined him, so much energy to win at Augusta National. Basically he couldn't believe he did it. It's amazing he did it again after all these years. He doesn't realize how close he came to winning 18 majors just in two years he's been back. He needed to do it because I think it's the last time he will ever win again on the of tour

Vincent Whitehead says:

12:52 Sums it all up folks

j818 says:

I still can't believe it

Stone Corder says:


roter13 says:

still don't understand why black people support Tiger when he's done nothing but shy away from his black heritage.

ron Chad says:

Nantz poetic at the end…

Tim Jones says:

Was this better than 86 to the people that watched 86 live ?

N B says:

Squeezer. Hot. Cuts.

Dessert Man says:

For all you negative skeptics take this for 15

RustyNotesTV says:

Who's excited for some more Tiger next week at the 2019 PGA Championship?

theresa webb says:

S om e said he w o u ld win again & he did gld he did it.

theresa webb says:

Wha t a great mome n t for tiger woods he's totally back.

Captpicard says:

Something no commentator or pundit has noticed at all, is that when Jack had 15 Majors he had the exact same breakdown of Majors that Tiger now has:- 5 Masters, 3 US Opens, 3 Opens, and 4 USPGA’s:- Coincidence or Destiny?

D wood says:

Question: what is a "squeezer hot cut?"

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