Tiger Woods Lost Tooth to Video Camera Crash

Tiger Woods has a hole in his bite. While cheering on girlfriend Lindsey Vonn in her record-breaking 63rd Alpine racing win, Woods barely cracked a smile. But it likely had little to do with his gal pal's performance on the snow, and more to do with a missing tooth. Woods wore a skeleton mask to cover his face, but photos reveal he's missing one of his front chompers. Although Woods didn't offer up an explanation, Mark Steinberg, his agent at Excel Sports, later explained the missing tooth in an email. He says during a crush of photographers at the awards podium during the event, a member of the media with a shoulder-mounted video camera surged toward the stage, turned and hit Woods in the mouth. He didn't indicate when the golf legend, who's set to hit the links again next week in Phoenix, would fix the tooth.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Lost Tooth to Video Camera Crash

  1. First of all, that was nice that Tiger Woods was at his girlfriend’s Alpine
    racing event to support and cheer her on. That’s sad that Tiger’s tooth was
    knocked out by a media person’s video camera. To the poster two posts
    below, mike patrick. I didn’t know that Paul McCartney lost a front tooth
    from a scooter accident. I learn something new each day. I remember Sharon
    Osbourne co-hosting “The Talk” daytime show on CBS. And news segments
    showing how her front tooth was coming loose and she just pulled it out.
    This happened not too long ago. She said it was fake anyways. So, Tiger
    Woods is not alone. 

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