Tiger Woods’ Mistress Jaimee Grubbs Sets the Record Straight (Part 1)

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murrayculix says:

Tiger wasent satisfied with his blond wife so he had to fuck this young
half nigger Mariha Carey look alike and that jewish Racheal

lifeson241 says:

Wonder what it cost to sleep with her $2,000.00?? More?? 

gerald hutchins says:

I would like to play golf with her xx

Don Cabron says:

she is a horribly dumb cunt

alex vwenz says:


Deep Zone says:

Very attractive

Alessander Leite says:

Why women to love fuck up with married men?

WorldPodTour says:

Tiger did fuck it up for himself. He knows it to. But these women are no
better than him in any way. They did know that he was married and that he
had kids. I am glad tiger is back in the game now, still the best!

Grant Edwards says:

It’d be kind of ironic if Tiger Woods had ED had couldn’t get a “woody”

jcspider says:

I’m stunned at the acidity of comments being thrown around freely, directed
at this and the other young women with whom Mr. Woods carried on affairs.
If one is going to spit such insults, where are the ones for Mr. Woods, who
arranged to have multiple, simultaneous affairs while married? Perhaps
people feel forgiving and congratulatory with him because 1) he is a man,
which means he’s a REAL man for having sex with a host of beautiful women,
and 2) he is the high profile athlete? 

jmic789 says:

Whats Tiger Woods’ favorite course? Intercourse LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eric stanton says:

boats and ho’s PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE 

Bpaul C says:

Upgrade from one hoe to a better looking one

Alakwem Robert says:

Please leave this young superstar Tiger Wood to enjoy his God given

N. Roh says:

she says – The Whole Tiger WOOD Thing – what is that about? His name is
Woods, Tiger Woods.

David Olenick says:

If you are white. You need to ask yourself, “What the fuck is wrong with
white men? “

Karen Hinkle says:

If you really loved/ cared about him… you wouldn’t be running your mouth
about him!!! 

Kevin Ganesh says:

dumb ass drama lovers… my nigga was just getting some pussy. she opened
up so stfu

immaterial64 says:

She a ho.

Mo Ja says:

these bitches all wanted to share his life and secretly wished he would
divorce his wife and marry them. But they found out they were just being
fooled around and looked so stupid afterwards.

Clinton Plaza says:

“I didn’t wanna do interviews but I’ll do one”! LOL
Ya know what, just go do porn, you’ll have more credibility!

Johnny Unitas says:

Get in the hole!

southpihlly1980 says:

this bitch fucks a man who she knows is married has 2 kids and isn’t
leaving his wife. And she’s “famous” because she’s a sloppy hoe and now
she’s a “victim” all men are as faithful as their options. Every man who is
rich and famous cheat.


god she’s a media whore… like don’t get involved with a married man…
what do you thinks gonna happen… your not gonna hurt his wife… wtf

562PARTYMAN says:

women love to fuck up marriges it makes them feel human

53to3 says:

she is fucking hot, i def would. Tiger is a legend! Beautiful women
throwing themselves at you it’s hard ot say no, his wife should just put up
with it hes a genius!

Sean Douglas says:

well… no. But then your dick doesn’t technically know if your
masturbating or actually banging a broad either.

rjh00 says:

No the woman is worse, she KNEW tiger was married, tiger already cheated
the moment he thought to get actually intimate with another woman. Its fine
to be the ONE other woman but when your not alone its not okay?What kind of
twisted moral is that. The “she was 22” line is just an excuse.The USA
kills people younger than that, I mean common at least think of another
excuse, like he got me drunk the first time…..

truth seeker says:

that is true, not one single sub saharian African has an IQ above 70, but
the term ‘white’ is a political label, you know you should use the subclads
and haplogroup terms, then you can tell who is an idiot, and who
understands also. : )

fradaja says:

fair play tiger fuck em fuck em all! and fuck the silly bitches up

vince guest says:

Tiger wanted sex,she wanted a rich famous guy,married or not.They both got
what they wanted and it all ended happily ever after.

max432156 says:

Are you dumb? Americans, white or black are all over tiger when it comes to
the majors. This guy, regardless of his skin color, is a spoiled brat and a
poor sport. Never was and never will be the gentleman Jack Nicklaus was.

Yerizzo says:

Would of been tight if Tiger’s wife called Cheaters and they went and spied
on all his mistresses. haha. But anyways, SLUT!!! And you know it.

GodCreatesGays2 says:

Hiram, don’t swear about yo’ mama.

Jack Sparrow says:

Colour has nothing you do with it you utter moron.

justjames1111 says:

Jaimee Grubby little tart, is a disgusting little gold digger, looking to
make money from screwing another woman’s husband. She is a slag, and he was
a fool!! She was a ‘very young woman’ who was old enough to destroy a
marriage and deprive children of their father, and who now plays the
innocent. So many women want to take no responsibility for their actions.
This little tramp is just another cheap whore.

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