Tiger Woods – “Moe Norman hits golf ball like Iron Byron”

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ESPN Moe Norman segment where Tiger Woods says that only two men owned their golf swings, Ben Hogan, and Moe Norman. Tiger goes on to say that it is frightening how well Moe hit the ball, and that he is like Iron Byron the golf ball hitting machine.

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Michael McDougall says:

I own my golf swing, I use it 90+ times every round.

nuster rab says:

Want to be like Moe hit a million balls till your hands fall off

John Haynes says:

He was the best ball striker. Too bad he was also probably an autistic
savant so he didn’t, and likely couldn’t fit in on the PGA tour.

Big Frank West says:

Hi Kirk, can you teach the Moe norman swing method?

Tom Rogers says:

Would love to see his swing on the ball flight tracker.

Paul Williamson says:

Hi Kirk.I’m seriously thinking of going Moe’s way .Where do I start …
Peace and thanks from Paul.

omkuberaynamaha says:

Yeah its left arm straight whole time and break wrists,might try it because
its that great

FitFast8 says:

Although the technique works for him, it’s not what actually allows him to
hit it straight most times. It’s his fundamental athletic movement that
allowed him to be a great ball striker. Amazing athleticism and body
coordination throughout his golfing years.

omkuberaynamaha says:

If more Norman the guy that says golf is basically all about solid left arm
he great but I get bored of the swing that’s all

Declan Pillow says:

every bit is supreme eyesight and hand eye coordination – go

Paul EJ says:

The demo that starts at 2:46 is a small section of a video that you can
find on youtube. It is an astonishing video….he is 72 yrs old and has
just made a major change to his swing…..the action of the club head
through impact is BRILLIANT….The linkage of arms and hands is amazingly
fluid and natural.
I have played and watched golf for 45 years and I have NEVER seen pure ball
striking like it ….NEVER!!
…And I have seen ALL the GREAT players of the last 45 years live bar
Palmer and Tiger!

Mox_au says:

make no mistake about it, jack nicklaus owned his swing, it might not have
been the pretty textbook swing that people like to see, but by god he owned
it, so did palmer, and so did bobby jones for that matter. jones was the
ben hogan of his era as far as knowledge of the swing

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