Tiger Woods New Driving Iron – TaylorMade GAPR!!

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Tiger Woods New Driving Iron – TaylorMade GAPR!!

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Michael Munoz says:

LOL…"Ping I 2 one ten"…..what's the release date for that model?

Troy Boden says:

I have only been playing golf for about a year but first and only putter is a ping craze. I love it

ian koch says:

Gday, love the drone work on the intro, cheers and will be interested on your reviews of these clubs, thanks again for an great YouTube channel.

Aaron___ says:

Peter do u think they will make a GAPR iron set ?

Paul Ackerley says:

Ping i500 irons look mint ..not sure why maybe because they look like a bladed iron and they are supposed to be hard to hit ?

Matt Gomez says:

I have an old Golfsmith XPC 18 degree driving iron. I like off the tee on narrow fairways.

Nate Ross says:

I play a PXG 1 Iron and a TMB 2 Iron. Can't wait to try the GAPR.

Fairway To Heaven says:

They copied Cobra with the adjustable loft

Dave Reid says:

Great video Peter. You can see the hard work in this one. Love a driving iron and a hybrid. Looking cool them clubs

L. Gyger says:

The GAP(e)R ?‍♂️

Igor Jilek says:

Amazing dron videos . Great with music .?

John Ryan says:

Great vid ?love the accommodate Pete really nice?when I win the lottery I will defo purchase one of those GAPR irons from TM?


Not good enough with long irons. Thank god for hybrids !!!

James Sundy says:

You gotta come play here in Michigan, play some of the Up North courses we have here

Sam Huggett says:

I often use a 3 wood off the tea as I slice my driver, but would love to try a driving iron off the tea!!

Henning Nilsen says:

Beautiful ?

Matthew Jennings says:

Wow wow wow, that house and those drone shots.????
Ow ow ow , that opening music. ????

MrEeyor3 says:

Cannot wait for the vlog content! Great video as per the usual bro!

Joe Martinez says:

Mr. Finch I am highly excited to experience The Open again, here in the states its the first and only Major that is on at first light. 630 am it hits my big screen! My picks are Tommy Fleetwood, Dustin Johnson, Matt Kuchar, Tiger Woods! Bubba Watson. Cheers!

paul goodier says:

Boring openeng

Mario Price says:

Great video Pete!

Erik snead says:

The p790 i have has the same speedfoam.. which has added huge numbers!! Id love to see if one of these could beat it

Strad 4321 says:

Tour pros were hitting stingers with long irons before Tiger was born. Two of the best at it were Lee Trevino and Jack Nicklaus.

James Sundy says:

Don't even carry a driver. Carry a srixon f55 3+, 19* f8, then 3 iron in my ap2s

Nak Kang says:

Best part of a driving iron is when you miss hit, you don’t get punished as bad when using a wood or hybrid

Tarquin B says:

Great video , any chance of telling me what camera your using ?

Lee Bolton says:

Hi Pete, Great videos, keep them coming!!!!

Terry Wright says:

Peter, any chance of getting any more info of the rental you're staying at?? Thank you!!

S Murdoch says:

Great review as always Peter, the house is fantastic, enjoy your stay, can you share the details or website you booked as we often stay for a few days in the Kingdom of Fife area.

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