Tiger Woods New Hip Move – Pro Swing Analysis – DWG

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Tiger Woods New Hip Move – Pro Swing Analysis – DWG

Tiger Woods recent win at the 2019 Masters Tournament cemented an incredible come back, the likes of which golf has never seen before. Over the last few years he's suffered some terrible injury problems and as a result has gone through numerous major surgeries. Tiger's new hip move allows him to take pressure off his lower back so he can continue to play injury free golf. His new aim in the backswing is to turn his hips deeper, allowing more space for his arms on the way down.

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This move is Ben Hogans swing. Using the hip and lower body to initiate the swing, the upper body & arms are just along for the ride.

Kicking World says:

Very helpful mate. Where are you based out of?

Vonik says:

Woow it really feels a lot easier to swing through…..!

Chris Hollis says:

You wanna watch Russel Heritage golf mate!!
He’s been preaching this for ages!!

Paul Pinard says:

Thanks Dan. This really helps regarding loading the pelvis via a more “ in line” process which will help prevent the dreaded sway to the right. Good stuff- thanks Mate ?

Ian Pentz says:

Lovely video but one point the glut and the right hip MUST lift higher if you don’t the club WILL come on inside. Basics are the right belt must rise up!! Thanks for great videos, clarification on this as it could cause major swing issue.

chm97chm97 says:

Need stronger abs to hold frame back from standing up.

swingtrade2 says:

Like Greg Norman says: Right pocket back in backswing!

Pag Golf Vlogs 2.3K subscribers says:

It’s pure Hogan pure Hogan the tilt has to match shoulders the turn lengths not really important but they must match up ????#gamingit

jpugolf says:

Cheers Dan..a gentle reminder on what we worked on in my last lesson.

Matt Smith says:

Been following this since Carter's video of his lesson with you – working a treat. Cheers Dan

GomitaFina says:

Dan, a video like the the one about coming from the inside everytime but the opposite on coming a little bit from out to in would be spot on. God's shake I hook it with the putter

Keith Hassall says:

Dan excellent really appreciated. Thanks for unlocking the confusion of correct right glute sequence your example a RH player. Left heel pressure and maintaining knee flex is the key, as you describe a great feeling of power and stability. Which part of the left foot is the focal point during rotation and pressure transfer.?

JakeXSV says:

Great advice and vid ?

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