Tiger Woods On Racism: Unedited RARE 1990 Interview

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Unedited footage of an interview that Trans World Sport did with Tiger Woods in November 1990 when Tiger was 14. Filmed at the Navy Golf Club, Cypress, California.

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Etienne Bunbury says:

The interviewer seems like he was angling towards the question of race!

Daniel Crowley says:

White woman's dream

Univ Univeral says:

Noone ever knew that the kid would one day cheat on his wife.

darthclone7 says:

3:36 wow.. amazing camera man how high was he operating this??

DexDark says:

He's got no emotion. Like a machine.

Concerned Customer says:

Where is this TIGER WOODS TODAY ????

Concerned Customer says:

At 14 he knew he was black at 40 he forgot he was black . DONT WORRY TIGER AMERICA WILL REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE A BLACK MAN.

KRidler I'm famous says:

Cool, calm and collect……

Cynthia Ingram says:

Tiger definitely listen very very well to his dad!

Mike McGrath says:

I was 15 once too. I played hoops in the local league. I walked in the gym and it was me and one other white kid. The rest, players, coaches, refs, were all black. My name is mike but I was rarely called mike. And when I played I got a whole other level of words towards and play towards me. Noone w a camera asked me about it and noone woulda cared either. I bet he got some stairs for sure and maybe even some remarks, but I bet my experience was a little more intense. But who knows for sure. Haha.

Christopher Parker says:

Wow….where is this version of Tiger! That "caublaisan" or whatever he calls himself these days must be what's left after you sell your soul for the wins & money…smdh. I still like to see him win though??????.

Political Brown Kid says:

You all are high on PCP. He says, at least 2 times, "the blacks"… just like white people refer to you all. Secondly, people always try to dilute black folks blackness, talking about "…less then 50% black" . They did it with Obama, they doing it with Kamala Harris, and y'all doing it on this comment thread. What's sad is that he, and others, refuse to accept their blackness. Even sadder how many people, mostly white, love to minimize the blackness of people – done in a manner to suggest the person succeeded because of the "other" DNA injected into that person.

Tshiamo#Oriel says:

so composed

10K Videos says:

Call me crazy but this is a woman bruh ?

PAO Gaming Parry An Onslaught says:

Had pops jangling a big nasty set of keys while he practiced. That is why he is the best

The Truth says:

The big question comes at 3:40

The Truth says:

I love it. He said his father is his hero

Tsehay I says:

14?? He really could’ve done something for us if he married/committed to a strong black woman

EightFrancs says:

Salute Tiger.

kannon bach says:

too bad he fell off and became grossly disconnected from his people.

Eric Smyth says:

He ended up not being a tiger but a…


MASKEDMAN712 says:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve always wanted to say this… FORSHIZZLE.

lifestraight says:

3:32 for conversation on race

Naasir Kars says:

Look into the future not the past

Biestro says:

do you think you can change things for black people and the way they're treated at these clubs? Yes I do. definitely my favorite athlete of all times

Milo says:

Where are the "why do you say he is black, he is half white/Asian " comments.

Felix The Cat says:

I'm in Aww of this interview. Truly amazing.

sylenceexposed says:

So winning at a sport is what would be really big for them Hhmm ok

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