Tiger Woods outdrives Justin Thomas at Hero World Challenge 2019

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In the opening round of the 2019 Hero World Challenge, Tiger Woods outdrives fellow competitor Justin Thomas on the 589-yard par-5 11th hole, lets him know this, but both players manage to make birdie.

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With only 18 players in the field, the Hero World Challenge at Albany, The Bahamas is a compilation of the best golfers in the world. Players need to be ranked in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking to qualify for the tournament, ensuring each year is filled with star power. Tournament Host and 2019 Masters champion Tiger Woods is joined by 2019 U.S. Open champion Gary Woodland, defending tournament champion Jon Rahm and past champions Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson.

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よよ says:


Abdel Ferah says:

Tiger Woods est un génie !

Rad Con says:

No offense but out driving Justin Thomas isn’t really a dig deal. He’s a small dude who has never been know to be a long driver. Tiger has always know to be a long bomber and tiger is like 5 inches taller

konstantinethegr8 says:

Really trying to emulate tiger’s mindset when i golf. Have a plan and have fun

Jason Steele says:

I’m glad Tigers back. I think so many people wanted him to be done. He’s one of the best ever to play if not the best. Perseverance!


Tiger’s swing has that weird swagger compared to before. Doesn’t look like he can truly bomb it. His biggest swing change yet, I think.

Tenzin says:

@1:34 church lady going “now isn’t that special”

Trump4 Freedom says:

Head to head. Call me when JT has 20 wins let a 82. Get a clue.

bartowflorida says:

Why is it a surprise? Tiger is 6'2" 215lbs and lifts weights. He can hit it further than most……when he knows where its going

Cody Kirk says:

Hahahaha Tiger knows how to get under JT's skin. JT is insecure about his distance.

Jonathan Green says:

Tigers swing looks incredible

William Ezell says:

My same thoughts; Tiger seems to really be enjoying the game again.

squidly2112 says:

Absolutely GOAT !!! .. no question

Hammy135 says:

Justin needs to hit the gym

BldgWha7 says:

You must be an absolute dunce to have a problem with Tiger being a captain and picking himself. A guy who nearly won 3 straight majors and missed winning the FedEx Cup by 1 stroke and won the Masters.

hankakah says:

If Tiger can stay healthy, there are 4 majors a year, he's definitely one of the favorites for next year's Masters and a 6th record tying Green Jacket.

Ronald Harris says:

I was a tiger naysayer,boy do I feel stupid.Nice comeback mr woods

George Inglett says:

Who cares if this is the news it's getting bad

Mr. Wig. says:

But Tiger is still the best for me ..??

Cal Tom says:

Tiger plays #Bridgestone golf balls. You should too.

kris singh says:

Tiger Woods will out drive, out play anyone, in the golfing world, he is back from injury, after a long layoff, with the worse injuries any sportsman can endure, yet he is out in front with all the best players; shortly he will leave the rest behind, like he always does

kris singh says:

Justin should be honored to play with a living ledgend never in his or most golfers life, will there ever be another Tiger or anyone even close to the Mighty Tiger Woods,

Nick Nick says:

Haha tiger the basterd looking at his bal if he doesn’t know that’s Justin’s bal hahaha go tiger go!

M L says:

Beautiful swings by tiger… I see another major in 2020.. st Andrews?

Striker 333 says:

He's happy to haver the second most majors of all time.

Mike Yip says:

JT did not eat breakfast or what? Tiger's drive was only 165 ball speed lol

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