Tiger Woods: PGA Championship final round highlights

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Edward Jackson says:

Back on Top!!!

Nancy Doney says:

Can't believe tiger woods is back at one time Kenny Rogers a country singer came out with a song saying the best rapper is white witch was eniemen and the best golfer was black at that time it was tiger woods I realky hope this is his comeback trail

Paris Zeferelli says:

Tiger TIGER burning bright!!!!!!!!!!

J Del says:

I don’t watch golf ever,just Tiger.

Culture Tax says:

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Remember taylor says:



It's something about watching Tiger play. It just makes the sport more interesting. the swagger, intensity and emotions in a game where you don't get a lot of it.

Mark Darnell says:

Only golfer your excited to see highlights of, only Tiger.

Dan Huffman says:

Fuuuk tiger woods. Who gives a crap. Even a blind mouse finds a piece of cheese every once in awhile. He's gotten more irrelevant and undeserved headlines than any other person in sports ever. Even back when he could really play he'd be 10th 12 or 15th place and the headlines would be, Can Tiger Come Back? What's his road to victory? Let me repeat, who gives a crap!

freaker126 says:

Tiger woods, making the world smile again. ☺️

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