Tiger Woods playing a short iron in super slow motion.

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jakeborden16 says:

thank you

MrBigolnuts says:

@Nextup2012 well slow motion replays are useful because you can observe all
the player positioning and minor adjustments, if the video is shot off to
an angle then you lose all those beneficial elements because you aren’t
seeing the true location of the body in relation to the ball.

ToodsWiger says:

Look at the last 3 letters of the URL, haha.

MrBigolnuts says:

this is not filmed straight infront of him i.e. its misleading.

recordbreaker5 says:

def a wedge

Iggy Iggles says:

That’s not a 3/4 swing. His shoulder rotation is full; it’s a full shot. He
just isn’t bending his wrists as much during the swing to emphasize

Paul EJ says:

If he is hitting a 48-49deg PW I will personally eat the bloody
thing….that is at least his 56 deg SW but more likely his 60deg
SW….Plus it was NOT a 3/4 swing …This how far he takes that club back
on a FULL shot Plus the angle of the camera makes it look like he is
playing it further back in his stance….he would be playing the club from
CENTRE stance The 2 real things to learn from the shot are……he
ACCELERATES thru the ball and stays DOWN right thru impact beautifully

sessien says:

drops shoulder under plane

Nextup2012 says:

How is it missleading?? Is your brain malfunctioning?

isaactheawesomeisaw says:

i agree with you

TheGreatXanadu says:

so gooooood

Dot Matrix says:

Definitely his 56 deg SW or 60deg SW. You right, the ball is in the middle
of his stance, as shown at 0.18 at the moment of impact.

SeaMy Hawks says:

The ball is further back in his stance before he’s trying to spin it with
his P wedge, a 3/4 P wedge at that

LoaforDie says:

What iron is he using? Ball looks farther back in his stance

ToodsWiger says:

Just saying…..

onceta333 says:

완벽한 스윙인데.. 미스 리딩이하고 하는 사람도 있네..??

FreeSheep says:

“last 3 letters spells fag tehehe I’m so mature”

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