Tiger Woods plays No. 16 during pro-am at Waste Management

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Malcolm Little says:

Anybody else see that lady put her handout for a handshake and he didn’t
shake her hand it was hilarious 

Jeremy Bader says:

terrible camerawork, couldn’t even tell where the ball went

Christopher Rendler says:

Who’s Tiger Woods?

Stevenson Stephen says:

What a legend!

BigPrimo82 says:

He didn’t hit it there intentionally. A lot of the pros today couldn’t make
it land on the green for some reason. And yes he hit the ball out from the
bunker into the stands. Ended up hitting someone in the head lol. It was
pretty piss poor performance but it was a very non competitive feel today,

John Steven says:

Man he’s terrible now!

Casualguy 939 says:

See how he ignores the woman at 0:23?
He’s got high standards. I don’t think I’d stick my dick in a fat hippie
either, and I’m a broke dick mother fucker. 

Dennis Kristensen says:

He does look quite relaxed and on top of things .. These shots doesn’t make
a difference before today where the real deal starts. 

rebirthatthefountain says:

Even his sand game is messed up! This is not looking good at all…

Michael Corcoran says:

he hit the ball in the stands on purpose

James Hodges says:

he did it on purpose you idiot

John Blaze says:


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