Tiger Woods’ practice round at Farmers Insurance Open

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TeamLockDownMLG says:

As much as I’ve loved watching Tiger over the years I think he’s down to
his last few straws. Plus I don’t think he will be able to hang with Rory.
Rory hit’s it farther and more accurately and unlike Tiger, Rory’s short
game is in tact. I hope one day we can see these 2 duel in the final round
of a major, I really do.. But it just seems unlikely now. It’s funny when
you look at it, 2013 everyone thought Rory was going to fall of the train
tracks for a long time while Tiger won 5 times. Then 2014 comes around and
Tiger can’t stay healthy while Rory wins 2 majors a WGC and the BMW PGA. I
know tiger has a lot of catching up to do, maybe 2015 could be the year of
the Rory vs the Tiger. 

National Club Golfer says:

No sign of his vicious shank on the range here. Looking pretty solid.

bumrusherer1985 says:

Please get better…I miss you on Sunday’s. I miss the nerves.

P-M Meiners says:

Why is Tiger always looking so grumpy? Move on guy, you’re not the best any
more and never will be. Just enjoy life and the golf you play, smile and be
nice to the people.

Ben Ewart says:

It was his first tournament last week for a long time, give him some time
to find his feet again.

Sarasota Joe says:

My guess is he’ll retire in a few years. He doesn’t have the game to win a
major anymore. He may never win another tournament. His two biggest assets
are gone; his short game and his confidence.

sammoth1995 says:

I find his muscles just don’t look as relaxed when he swings as they use
to. Everything looks so forced. I think if his dad was around still he
would have had him straightened out.

westonp80 says:

he needs to get his wedge game back…

Wrumpz says:

the rough is extra thick at torrey right now, maybe we’ll get some
‘highlight’ reels this week from tiger.

Always Be Shooting says:

I love reading all the negative stuff. Tigers all washed up, he’s a bum,
he’ll never get his swing back, blah, blah,blah. I mean seriously, those
five wins in 2013 are ancient history in this post miley cyrus twerking era
we now live in.

Gumby Forthewin says:

Although I think Tiger will improve in the coming months, I still believe
he will struggle while trying to compete with the much younger competition.
Same goes for Mickleson

TexasTalk1846 says:

He’ll get there, just gonna take a few months. Playing healthy is new to
him. Body has to get used to it. 

JT Thats me says:

Why is this so hard to figure out? Anyone who plays golf knows that it is
mainly mental once you get past the basics. Tiger was so dominant not only
because of his own mental confidence but as well as his competitors lack of
confidence competing against him. He was perceived as perfect on and off
the course and then he was exposed which killed all that persona confidence
he had. I was and am still a fan of Tiger but he lost then main thing that
set him apart from his competitors. His competitors now feast on Tiger at
his least but they all know they could not compete with him at his best…

frankboy619 says:

Cant wait to see tiger on Friday hopefully I get a autograph from one of
the best golfers to have ever played

SubZero ™ says:

Tiger will never win another major or beat jack . it was great when it
lasted. Tiger “the legend” is over .The End !!!

amp says:

oh man that chip @ 42 seconds :-/

HydeSpector says:

Still yip the chip shot

Choo Yao Chuen says:

Love him!!

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