Tiger Woods Practicing at 2013 U.S. Open (Merion)

A bunch of footage I took of Tiger Woods practicing on Tuesday, June 11th at Merion Golf Club for the U.S. Open. He arrived on the putting green around 11:00 am and went up to the driving range around 11:30 or so. He went to the far end of the range where there were no bleachers behind, so it was difficult to get footage of him there. He teed off on hole #1 at 12:52 pm with Lee Westwood and Simon Khan. Tiger played the first 10 holes and then called it a day. He was hitting it very well. I didn't see him hit a second ball off of any tee.

16 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Practicing at 2013 U.S. Open (Merion)

  1. The putting drills he was doing are good for several things. The one where
    he put two tees by the toe and heel of the putter is called the “gate”
    drill. It improves your contact with the ball, ensuring you strike the ball
    in the center of the face every time. The one-handed drill helps the brain
    understand what the role of each hand is during the putting stroke. Very
    good techniques for golfers out there to try.

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