Tiger Woods Press Conference At Farmers Insurance Open 2020

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M says:

Please upload more rounds of Jason Day.

Marcus Brix says:

He is such a media pro – I personally would not answer any more questions about how many majors he thinks he will will moving one from now.
is this really the question a press company is paying a journalist for? so sick of it

wordpressobsessed says:

Tiger has won this ONE tournament more times than most pros win in an entire career. That is sick.

MindOverGolf says:

Visualizing Brooks Koepka and Rory McIlroy playing golf on a Playstation, and fighting over who was going to be Tiger Woods. LOL, fun and games . Tiger keep on "Drilling Deliberately"

Catherine Tidmore says:

AWESOME, Tiger!! Always look forward to watching you play! Good Luck!!

Nocy Music says:

No matter what haters say about Tiger as long as he continue to compete he is still the man to beat the world is watching

kanzas anthony says:

The only day he touches a club is on his birthday… He still loves this game so much. That is such a good sign, in my opinion. Watch out non shot shaping players, gonna be tough to beat this Goat-man over 4 days in a major; also, feels like they will set up majors harder now since the Ryder Cup debacle for the US team, not hitting fairways, not managing the course and actually playing the game of golf. I sense that with Tiger's year and this Captaincy the powers to be will want ratings, want Tiger to be in the mix and therefore they will set up the majors super hard. None of these 18 under majors anymore.

RunSwanson says:

Tiger’s not very confident this week.

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