Tiger Woods Pure Shots On Protracer

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Tiger Woods Pure Shots On Protracer from 1 Step to Better Golf.



Learn to play golf like a professional golfer with the 1 Step to Better Golf Series 4-book series. Books include 1 Step to Better Golf, 1 Step to Hitting it Long, 1 Step to Perfect Putting, and 1 Step to Swinging Like Tiger Woods. There is no need to get custom golf equipment or attend an expensive golf school. Just read these golf instruction books.


hawaiidispenser says:

Love the music.

Jeremy Bader says:

that was awesome, I wish they’d show the protracer more often, it’s really
interesting to watch

CodySmith003 says:

Where can I find this music?? Thanks.

Dboss74 says:

Amazing how the pros hit it so high off the bat not jealous at all 

julian bosi says:

Such a bad swing, in so right and laid off the top, swayed so far on his
right side too, just who would swing like that only meant for a cut! It
doesn’t make sense to make a swing like this!

Erik Fulton says:

whats this song?

Milan Stankovic says:

This guy can really smack that ball and one day will become a great golfer.
What is his name again?

California Ballistics says:

Where does someone even find odd music like this?

Michael Carr says:

That second shot though…

Teppo Einari says:

so good

MEZIANI Rabir says:

Very nice shoots.Full control.I hope his comeback will be powerfull..
who create this amazing music please?

Blair Malfara says:

Kids a beauty.

1 Step to Better Golf says:

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