Tiger Woods recalls his ace and boulder encounter from Phoenix

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MRutledge134 says:

What a legend!

realfunny7 says:

& I remember when I shit my pants in the 2nd grade when the teacher
refused to let me go to the restroom – i’m 65 now & remember it was like

Jayden Lawson says:

Sneaky little F bomb at 1:10? :)

L. SH says:

Say what you want but for my generation, no one has brought more smiles
and inspiration than Tiger Woods. Hope he figures the new swing out.

tonystark171 says:

Jayden Lawson your crazy! Get your ears checked hillbilly

Ryan Winter says:

The fact that they moved it the wrong way but he still hit a blinding shot
shows just how good he was 1999-2001

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