Tiger Woods reflects on the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant

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Tiger Woods reflects on the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant


maryam mure says:



“He burned competitively hot “
Was probably not the best way to describe him under the circumstances…

01 02 says:

The 5 dislikes on this video came from confused gays

Benny Levine says:

Different things stand out to different people. Most notable to me about this is Tiger's composure. That's real man stuff in my book.

Chris Kociolek says:

God I hate reporters. No humanity in their souls

Gregory Hill says:

Tiger was very emotional here as you can obviously tell.

Bronald says:

Idiots in these comments saying they should not have interviewed.
Tiger wanted to do the interview. She said so herself at 0:05 and Sir Nick Faldo mentioned that Tiger wanted to say some words about 3-4 minutes before this interview happened.

DBiaC says:

You can just see how wigged-out Tiger is. Just nuts man.

Steven Jenkins says:

He's talking to you Carmelo. Defense.

Plus2 Golfer says:

I DIDN'T like Kobe, as a player… But I'm also a human, husband and father and I can't imagine this pain, loss.. it's one of those things that makes you ask God why… As a player he was the enemy because I loved Shaq and Jordan so much… BUT THIS ISN'T ABOUT BASKETBALL.. THIS IS LIFE and he wasn't an enemy in this realm… He was a beacon of light for the black community, for young kids to look to for hope to see you don't have to be a drug dealer or gangbanger or rapper to succeed, he was flawed but strived to correct his mistakes and be the best man he could be… Kobe in the end was a good man, a family man, a leader of men and THAT ALWAYS DESERVES RESPECT AND EMPATHY

L2THEC1 says:

Man, his baby girl too, heartbreaking ..

phard2345 says:

NO ONE BELIEVES THIS…… When a helicopter fails, it is 9/10 able to land safely… for example if the engine fails, the rotors disengage from the mechanism and 'free wheels' to slows down the decent of the helicopter….

D Mc says:

Poor choice of words, was a sad day and think tiger would like to rephrase his statement.

Eazybleezy77 says:

This is really a terrible interview considering Tiger just found out 5 minutes ago. Tiger must not have known about the details or else he wouldn't have said anything about fire. I'm so sad over this :,(

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