Tiger Woods’ slow start at Waste Management in Round 1

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In the opening round of the 2015 Waste Management Phoenix Open, Tiger Woods starts off slow with back to back bogeys through three holes.

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Ryan Kwon says:

The problem I see with Tiger is it still looks like he’s swinging out of
his shoes with his driver. His ego is what’s hindering him most in my
opinion. I like Tiger and want him to dominate but I feel like another
injury is imminent. 

P-M Meiners says:

Great start for Mr. cheat Woods. :-)

Tyson Blackwolf says:

did you guys see that shot outside? on the dam dirt? he almost made it on
the green. yes! He will win this tournament. I bet you the house he will.
He had a good back nine. you watch. he will win this

David Oakley says:

+Tyson Blackwolf No guarantee he makes the cut at this point.

Casualguy 939 says:

I wouldn’t bet that much Tyson Blackwolf. 

tonystark171 says:

Fat chance Tyson. He’s going to beat himself, forget about the Field.

Gauthier Salles says:

He has know better days…

Russia Emperie says:


Vacuum Boots says:

errr he aint winning shit

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