Tiger Woods swing analysis (1997, 2008, 2013, 2019)

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Golf instructor Travis Fulton breaks down the swing of Tiger Woods from four different periods of his PGA TOUR career.

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Jonathan Poto says:

2013 is so beautiful… it's too bad his back was already toast.

2badger2 says:

Woods explained that he used to use a 43-inch steel shaft on his driver and could produce club-head speed of about 126 mph, 2000's. He now uses a longer, lighter shaft in his driver, which helps produce more speed. Woods currently ranks second on Tour with a 122.4 mph average club-head speed. In 2013, his last full season on Tour, his average was 118.3 mph, which ranked 28th on Tour.

Max Caysey says:

That first swing was about 127 mph!

azapro911 says:

Three of these swings dominated the game…and he saw room for improvement. Different breed.

Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

The swing variances dont matter because Tiger could strike a ball with his eyes closed. From the video i think like looks to be driving best in 2013 but is just leaning in a little. i wonder if he complained in 2013 of balls drawing down the left side, and then catches the odd one high right. still i shouldnt judge weve all topped the first tee shot of the day into the 9th bunker

winston yong says:

Based on what Haney said after splitting with Tiger that Tiger was never open or receptive to Haney’s ideas, I wonder if Haney can still be considered as one of Tiger’s coaches. ??

John Lee says:

The PGA tour got Travis Fulton to do the analyzing?!! Whyyyyyyy

Jonathan Poto says:

He looks so crowded under Haney. Love how he gets the club up more vertically in 1997 so he can crash down on it violently and hit it straight.

Marie Taylor says:

Butch's swing is what messed up Tiger's back IMHO!

Samuel Krueger says:

Look all the same to me

Justin says:

I’ll take a super size #1 with a side of #4 please.

….yes, to go.

Ross says:

One more win, 3 more majors.

Kyle Neighbors says:

The newest swing is like Greg Norman with the foot slide, and I’ll bet it’s as crooked.

Mike Yip says:

Swing speed kept going down

Johnathan Ha says:

After knee surgeries and accidents, it was difficult for him to keep original swing. Change of coaches added to the swing change,too. I hope he gets back to Butch Harmon and old caddie. He will surely win more majors.

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