Tiger Woods Takes Time Away From Golf

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The Ancient Internet Troll says:

A guy with millions of dollars, who can go anywhere, and who can do
anything he wants, has suddenly decided to stop playing the most boring
game on Earth in order to go do those things? Wow. I’m truly shocked…

Cammy Smith says:

I swear skip’s opinion is wrong 95% of the time… the guy is a clown

Sasuke Uchiha says:

This show sucks. Only losers value the opinions of these two clowns. 

Steven Escareno says:

The problem is that Tiger came back way too soon after his marriage fell
apart. He should’ve taken a leave of absence then, but everyone in golf
and the media kept pressuring him. Saying how he had an obligation to play
right away. I was like, “What the fuck?” Hell even the commissioner of
golf called him out, but that dude should’ve shut the fuck up.

The reality is Tiger doesn’t owe the PGA shit. He’s been the biggest cash
cow for them for years. Hell, even when he’s not winning majors, he still
dominates headlines. How many headlines does Rory have versus Tiger’s?
Has EA changed the title of their golf games from Tiger’s PGA Tour to
Rory’s? The reality is Tiger’s heart and mind aren’t in it anymore. He
hasn’t been the same mentally since his marriage fell apart, and he needed
to take time off, but he was forced to come back way too soon by asshole
media people and an ungrateful commissioner, who arguably had a lot of
balls to call out tiger woods to begin with considering how much money he’s
made for that sport.

I think it’s good that he’s stepping away. Who knows? Maybe he’ll find
his passion in golf again to come back. After all, it worked for Michael
Jordan once. When his father died, he lost interest in basketball for a
while, so he played minor league baseball for awhile. However, he
eventually came back to the nba though. Who’s to say the same won’t happen
to Tiger down the road? Maybe this is exactly what he needs. To get away
from golf for a while to get his head on straight, and to re energize his
life. Maybe spend time with his kids, and work on becoming a better father
to them. Maybe after all that, his drive and passion for golf could
return. Or maybe it won’t.

All I’m saying is that this was long overdue, and I’m glad Tiger has
finally gained enough sense to take a leave of absence. 

roter13 says:

skip bringing tiger’s personal life into it was really wrong considering
he’s not married and to my knowledge has no children which makes me wonder
about him. if you know what i mean…

TheJackdaniels88 says:

@4:40 Jesus how much of a MONKEY does Stephen A Smith sound like

loveskimonos says:

If Ellen took him back his game would come back!!

Pryncenyck says:

when Stephen A screams he sounds like a lady in the emergency room giving

Tom Manning says:

I don’t get what’s wrong with him taking some time off to clear his mind,
rest his body and get back to somewhere near his best. He’s the greatest
player of all time i think he knows what he’s doing

colderbeer says:

The dirty little secret is Woods is the rudest and nastiest POS in all of
sports….the lefty press has protected him for years and I don’t care if
this arrogant slimeball ever walks again or whatever.

Goofy Flan says:

WhOO! Thank yOO,Tiger. EyE got TIRED of sEEing yOO finish LAST!

DaNxXx says:

Tiger needs a break to start banging broads again and gettin his mojo back.

Vama Vindicate says:

4:45 damn Stephen A reaching them high notes XD

Danny Lemanske says:

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree 100% with skip. Tiger isn’t
done he’s just not into it as much as he used to be. But if tiger took time
to actually work at his game he could dominate golf again. Tiger said until
he is tournament ready. You better believe he means that and when he feels
like he can win again he will be back to prove people wrong

Hardingbrah says:

No one defeats Father Time tiger has had a great career but it will
eventually end just like everything else ! Let’s just celebrate his on
course game and achievements instead of debating why his game is in decline

chris grosklags says:

Here’s my take (I’m a golf fanatic) tiger wood’s iron game is bad at this
point, if he hits one bad shot it ruins his round. I love Tiger nothing
like watching him doing good or walking down 18 on a Sunday. 

Bill Kunert says:

he has the yips…

jifyum07 says:

Why is the media still talking about Tiger? Hes not a winner anymore.

chauncey mines says:

Ever since his wife left him he hasn’t been the same 

Simz Drifter says:

Health breaking down bc of all the steroids he used to pump into his body. 

Isaiah Thomas says:

46th view, 2nd like, and 4th comment. #Under301club He should retire.

FlubbyPandaz28 says:

Wow they talked about golf now where’s hockey?

James O says:

he needs that joslyn james pussy to get him back up top

DMac4077 says:

These idiots don’t have a clue on what there talking about, oh well

TheInfiniteFox says:

Tiger Woods is finished.

MrKindofimportant123 says:


Mardigus Madmardigan says:

I applaud a man that can do what he wants. 

Anchored Vlogs says:

Finally they talk about Golf.. 

John McCain says:

I have to agree that Tiger is walking away more out of embarrassment and
frustration than anything else. Any disinterest in the game is a result of
that. I went through that last year, lost my touch, quit. After some time
away I came back, found my game, now I’m fired up ready to play. 

Evander Smart says:

I’ll give him credit for winning one major, but he’s not reaching
Nicholas. He will break Sam Snead’s record of 82 PGA victories (He has 79),
but this is the beginning of the end of Tiger Woods, who hasn’t won a major
in 7 years. If he didn’t blow his back and leg out, he’d have those 4

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