Tiger Woods talks about the Nike Golf brand evolution in New York

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Vapor iron introduction, Nike Golf, Tiger Woods, Mike Taylor, New York, 2014


FlagstickGolf says:

@smpro Unfortunately the card filled up before he got done. Just talked
about how he never thought he would use a 5 wood but ended up with one.
Expects to never use a hybrid until he is older.

Christian Cunningham says:

In an effort to achieve maximum aerodynamics, Tiger will relieve himself of
his cumbersome bicuspids.

Brian Brandon says:

Thank you so much for posting this!!! I really wish all the Tiger haters
could watch this..Such a stud on and off the course. I gotta thank the work
you guys have done with the new Nike clubs.. Had my best year every with my

smpro220 says:

What happens in the rest of the 5-wood story? Thanks for this video.
Awesome stuff.

GrandmasterN says:

How can they keep improving the clubs… each year they say this hits is
straighter, longer higher… what ever. I find it sort of pretentious. I
know there is a difference accross the years, but the Titleist 975D driver
is still the longest and straightest driver I’ve had.

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