Tiger Woods – The Most Extraordinary Shot Story

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David Feherty tells a funny story about a spectacualr shot that Tiger Woods hit. Tigers ball was in wet, nasty, horrible, six inch rough. Truly buried, and 190 yards away from the hole. Everybody figures that with a stick of dynamite he might be able to move the ball 50 yards… What does he do? Something that only Tiger can do – he nukes a pitching wedge 6 feet from the hole! One of the most extraordinary shots i have ever seen! And i know for a fact that what Ernie Els said (the part that has been censored) was “F*ck me! Did you see that??”… 🙂

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Dilwong says:

Tiger’s mother is Thai and his father is black so the combined the
nationalities and came up with Ti (Thai) + ger (nigger) to get his name.
Kind of cute, eh?

Rick C says:

I want to know what Els said dammit!

Justus Seiber says:

If you try this shot off a fairway lie, it’s impossible. The SW launches
too high to go 190. It would just start losing distance and go higher
rather than further. If it’s in the rough it will go further because it’s
going to launch out lower and be more of a boring trajectory that allows
him to hit it further instead of higher. But I’ve seen Bubba Watson hit a
PW a few yards shy of 200. 

Paul EJ says:

I could not give a FLYING FUCK about Tigers OFF course antics!!…. These
videos are about Wood’s sublime control and play of this game!…..This guy
is the greatest golfer who has ever lived………..I have seen ALL the
greats LIVE from 1973 onwards who came and played here in
Australia….Player, Nicklaus, Trevino, Watson, ETC, etc, etc….Tiger
Woods is the GREATEST that ever was!…This guy pulls shots out of his
ASRE…when they are needed… to win!!!…………the ONLY guy who comes
close to Woods in that regard is Bobby Tyre Jones Jnr…..The GREATEST
Amateur golfer this world has or ever will know!!!…….3RD …Jack
Nicklaus…………….So those who want to bring Personal/ Moralistic/
Non Golf…… CRAP……into these comments……FLUCK OFF!

josh milligan says:

@k2skier1212 you know how i know your gay?

nalderto says:

i don’t see how that shot is possible. tiger hits a wedge 150-160 at most.
how could he hit fly it 190 out of the rough. Even though he is tiger woods
I don’t believe it.

k2skier1212 says:

@seanaudi13 The average tour pro hits their pitching wedge around 135-140yd
with 145-155yd as an extreme on tour. 190yd alone is remarkable, but tiger
also plays weak lofted (traditional lofted) irons so his pw is actually
around 51 degrees which is typically a gap wedge. I have no idea what kind
of golf monster you are but I have a club head speed of 121mph driver and
110mph 7iron on trackman, play to a 0.6 hdcp and still don’t believe I
could get that kind of distance even with a flyer lie.

wogolfer says:

well, to be honest, I doubt that david feherty would lie about this, so
everything he says is most likely true. but I can tell you that was not
6-inch rough, and was not buried, but he had a flyer lie, which tiger
recognized, hence the less club and my username is “wogolfer” so id have to
say yes, i do play golf. good call there.

lethomadness says:

shit golfers wedges are prob 40 degree 8 irons or some rubish thats probaly
with angus is going on about lol

TechN9cian01 says:

Pass the blunt?

jamesi34 says:

so typical for the golf channel to bleep out the entire sentence, what a
bunch of prudes

mrdannnny says:

if he had a flyer lie…y wud he need 2 hit it with his rite leg coming up
of the ground then ?

pgajpgolf says:

holy shit

Neeeno27 says:

Tiger’s look at 1:06 is what i miss most…combination of determination,
confidence and being a boss!

RCPCTermite says:

no question why Tiger has had problems with that knee huh?

k2skier1212 says:

@imthesonofjorel You know how I know your gay? Because you post videos
titled “sweetass drift” in your shit box of a car and favorite the video
“Johann Pachelbel Canon Piano (George Winston)” along with “Black Eyed Peas
– The Time (Dirty Bit)”

TechN9cian01 says:

Pass the needle?

co96 says:

did you expect anything else .. when tiger stepped up to that ball it was
already almost in the hole 😛

thedonster137 says:

the description is dumb… its pretty obvious that ernie els says “No
fuckin’ way”…. junkprunk is a dumbass, besides a 1 second bleep isn’t
long enough to cut out “Fuck me! Did you see that?”

Jay McFarland says:

LOL @ moron

junkprunk says:

so were is the 55 mph tailwind? look at the flag. barely any wind at all.
youre saying that this is fake?

mitch7868 says:

its ur secret..but everyone can read it..lol idiot..jk

junkprunk says:

It was the 2000 NEC Invitational (today Bridgestone Invitational). Day 3,
18th hole. Tiger shot a 67.

Derek Chan says:


tsorby87 says:

The best golfer ever to live. There will never be another Eldrick tiger

paulski5 says:

Pitching wedge my ass. I would like to see him hit it 190 with a clean lie.
I have to think we are missing part of the story here.

0titleist0 says:

i think ernie said “a fuc**ng wedge!?” haha

Ricky Potts says:

Wedge? He hit a wedge? I remember that shot… and no one else could hit
that but Tiger.

andrew9966 says:

Id like to see Rory McIlroy pull off that shot..

TechN9cian01 says:

What? Man FUCK Tiger Woods… Dude is supposed to be some kind of great
athlete but the fucker plays GOLF? To hell with that over-rated piece of
shit. Tell you what, if the guy had been playing in the era of the many
great golfers before him, when standards of the playing field weren’t so
specific, when the tournaments were were for more pride than money, when
the game wasn’t…. I lost my train of thought. DAMN IT, YOU GOT ME CONTACT
HIGH! I can’t believe I said that! Tiger Woods = GOD, bitch.

gsclelo says:

i don’t want to get into an arguement but anyboby who trains and competes
in long drive,myself included, have the clubhead speed and the strenght to
pull that shot of, but i would probably miss the green, people need to
realise that even though he is the best golfer he is not the longest, there
are hundreds of people faster and stronger, he has no reason to try and be
the longest because he is trying to shoot insanely low scores.

chuckn11 says:

what did ernie say? lol

allard112 says:

stop bragging and try to hit it 270

yoighjfsetyutfyghk says:

a cubic yard of ohio lol, david feherty is hilarious

jgzero23 says:

no wonder his left leg is fucked, that power and torque in those magic

Carl Lund says:

Re nalderto Tiger probably hit a flyer (It is called a flyer which implies
the extra length you get when grass gets between the blade and the ball on

junkprunk says:

wind isnt helping much – look at the flag. the ball carried at least 175.
and as far as i know, a flyer lie is when the ball sits up in the grass
like its on a tee, not burried really deep like in this case!? if anybody
else would just try to hit the ball that hard out of that lie (almost
nobody could do even that because they dont have tigers clubhead speed, but
just pretending) they would probably break their wrists. tiger is the only
one who can do it because he is so strong and flexible

Clark Schmidt says:

totally agree best golfer ever BAR NONE and no one will ever come close

Rubown says:

no one else could do that, just Tiger.

tomvk77 says:

Stop talking about a shut clubface to 9 or 8 iron, did’t you guys notice he
had to go over trees? With a shut face he would have lowered his Ball
flight and hit the tree! A flyer yes but the rest was pure skill and power

Andrew Liao says:

i think he said “fuck me”

Angus Gao says:

READ MY COMMENT STUPID… I said the average golfer, not PRO. I was
commenting to the idiot that said hitting 190 with a wedge is not hard. And
I pointed out that mere mortals like me, hit it 110.

invictor123 says:

and that’s why he has had knee issues….

Chris Law says:

You are so blindly dedicated to Tiger you shame him and yourself. Tool.

Jay McFarland says:

What the fuck are you talking about? 25 handicap, huh? Here’s a proposition
for you: You and me, no shots, $20. a hole, auto 1 down presses. Bring it,

emmenjays says:

@nalderto you just saw a video of him doing it. what do you need it to be
in 3D i mean jesus christ

bravo1224 says:

Descending blow, de-lofted angle, shut clubface…none of that effin
matters..hitting a wedge 190 yds out of the rough is just ridiculous. I
could hit a PW off a pristine fairway, swing my hardest, make perfect
contact, and that ball is gonna fly about 140 yds TOPS. That man isn’t

Chris Law says:

Moe Norman is still better.

ehdgjskkk says:

i thought he said “no fucking way”

drakey27 says:

If he made this swing with a driver he would out drive anyone in the world!
Forget Bubba Watson and Gary Woodland!

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