Tiger Woods The Open Round 4 2018

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黑黑黑 says:

He is not human

Pickle Von CrunchnMunch says:

tiger doesnt indicate where his errant shots are going. i think its because he's banking on a favorable ricochet off a spectators face. I've seen him do it multiple times

Allen Owens says:

He won't win another major!

TheLocalLt says:

Folks this is where the comeback truly started, the British Open and PGA Championship in 2018, and now Tiger has NUMBER FIFTEEN! 2019 MASTERS CHAMP!

David James says:

All loud mouthed heckling yanks should be banned from attending British golf tournaments.

Brian Pope says:

haha at the announcers at 15:35:

'Aww man it just bounced off the spectators" 
"Wow, that's a good break." 

lol that's not a break.. if I could bounce it off spectators when i play i'd be on tour too…lol it's like bowling, but with human bumpers

murdy1975 says:

Thanks for this!

John Z says:

I really apprechiate David Feherty's commentations as the round progressed, disdain Johnny Miller, he's not even in the same hemisphere as is Tiger yet he analizes Tiger's swing as if he is. Tiger played a GREAT round at this, perhaps the most challenging golf course in the World. Tiger IS BACK!


The 11th hole killed his chances for the open pretty much if not double he would of probably won!

patrick bateman says:

WOW real clouds. No geoengineering for the Open I guess.

JoeT 2019 says:

He was swinging way to hard way to many times

Chris Guy says:

Opening tee shot had more fizz than a bottle of Moet….

The Truth says:

Like if you want Tiger to win major 15 in 2019

Centralpark Yoshida says:

Amazing club head speed!

Mattriegn Ballesteros says:

tiger may have won the OPEN…if only there is another round…

A-a Ron says:

Tigers like the Mike Tyson of golf?

Shooting Star says:

1:13 someone farts?

Tim Holst Petersen says:

The VEGAN MORON yelling at hole 18 should have his balls tased !!!!

Federico Russo says:

Of course I'm no pro but… how come we NEVER see a shank or such in the 1st tee with galleries such as here in the Open? They extend quite a lot.
I've played down to low one digits and I'd still hit one or a really bad hook. There's even compilations with pros doing it. Isn't it dangerous? Then we run into situations like with Koepka and the lady losing her sight (then suing the PGA – bad for her but a bit of hypocrecy if you ask me but not the case).
Still what if one day they hit a driver really off and kills somebody? Gallery should behind the player IMO…

wtficantgetausername says:

sick…so people actually do get hit by the balls sometimes!

Jaylord Gamon says:

'No, what are you doing' ?? stupid gallery ???

Gary Lee Rivera says:

Who else has 79 p.g.a tournaments as finishing 1st? 14 majors 1stplace ? And who has been in the the top 10 at many major events ? And a gentleman and friends to other pro golfers ( who you may ask ? Tiger elgren woods!!! And the time. Since he was a baby .and crowd pleasers that truly love golf and makes it exciting !!! When he is in attendance so is the gallery golfers…and that helps everyone. So the rest of you that don't approve of him ? Don't love golf. Lets open up your skeleton s out of your closet and see how you will react?? On the course he is a true professional.off the course ? Is his business .I've work w d 25 years with the p.g.a.as a chef at each private country club .so happens every club I worked there was a tournament there .from Atlanta c.c in Marietta.to the p.g.a. championship at the Atlanta athletic c.c to tour championship.which is now the fed ex tour.just appreciate the game .not the side show!!! Gary s opinion…

Jx-dama ! says:

Tigger choking down the stretch per usual?

J GW says:

Can someone please explain to me how Tiger Woods can hit his 9 iron almost 190 yards?

Spencer Thomas says:

Very good video. Straight to the point. Thank you for these bud. Really enjoy getting to see this without having to watch all the extra stuff. Your a solid dude. Keep it up. Hope you get a few million veiws.

bascet1 says:

See all the Marshalls all decked out in Hugo Boss? Cap, t-shirt,gilet and trousers. Wonder if they let you keep it all? Always Classy at The Open. Hopefully in Ulster next year we'll have a normal summer? Pissing down,blowing a gale! Hottest summer in the UK since 1976 this year!! Carnoustie was a tame bitch this year, she roared slightly on the Sunday with light 25mph winds. The greens have to be 10.5 because of the 50-60mph usual winds. There's a video of a guy called Rick Shiels who plays a par 3 on 4 different days and the weather changes so much he plays a 8 iron one day and a driver on another!!! That's why golf is great as it's different whichever country you play in? From Gleneagles to Augusta, Abu-Dhabi to Scottsdale. Brilliant. Was willing Tiger to win that Sunday me and our kid (brother) were shouting at the screen!! He's getting closer as of last weekend he was 2nd to Koepka in the PGA. Koepka was class actually to hold Tiger off as all the crowd (best American golf crowd I've ever seen or heard) were firmly behind Tiger but Brooks didn't lose his arse and played quality golf. Think Koepka will be a great? Cheers

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