Tiger Woods to skip The Players Championship with back issue | Golf Central | Golf Channel

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Tiger Woods says his back is not ready to go for The Players Championship. The Golf Central panel discuss how this impacts Tiger’s prep for his Masters defense. #GolfChannel #GolfCentral #TigerWoods

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Tiger Woods to skip The Players Championship with back issue | Golf Central | Golf Channel

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Nick M. says:

Tiger's swing is atrocious. Idk, he's stupid for swinging the same way and expecting it to work better somehow. Yeah, he's got skills. But you can't twist your spine and NOT expect it to give in at some point. I call him on his stupidity, and it's funny that the golf channel praises it and are just as stupid as the guy they're praising. Prime example of how out of touch the PGA Tour, PGA, and USGA are, and I'd love to see them get in line and stop selling snake-oil swing mechanics.

pete mama says:


Jason Jillain says:

Sick and tired of these guys talking about Tiger being old. He's in his young 40s. There's still pros playing in their 50s. Talking about him like he's never gonna play again. These are the same guys that never said he'd win another major tournament too. Screw you guys. Poor guy has given so much to the game and he gets hung out to dry if he misses a tourney or 2. I have been a Tiger fan for as long as I can remember. I'm always excited when he's playing. There are very few guys that I really enjoy watching when golf is on TV. Tiger will always bring something to the game that no one can bring or never will.

Shawn Cornell says:

Tigers great no doubt. But still second to Jack. Jack got all his wins as a married man and father. He would leave a tournament and go to his kids activities and fly back. How many more would he have won if all he did was focus on golf like tiger did and not the family

kris singh says:

Tiger has made the right choice rest as much as he can, he needs to be at least 90percent to win the Masters, he will play one before the masters, to get his rytheme, Cool Tiger Man

Nash Jangus says:

Chamblee is a creep

William Stalvey says:

Trust me, he is just trying 2 get ready for the Masters, that is Woods only concern.

James B says:

It's only a time matter before he can't play.

FW Gre says:

It's not his age, it's his back

Alan Rutherford says:

Ffs yous all mad or just enjoy chatting shit , he just wants the majors uno simple as that the masters is ina few weeks and it's his best shot other than a fast hard running links over here at the open

Boone Docker says:

Age creeps up on all of us. Still the best player I ever saw. And I have been watching golf since the 70s. Jack was fantastic, but had limited competition. Tiger wasn't on a different level. He was on a different planet.

Mike Grizz says:

Brandel is a no talent mouthpiece

djp411 says:

How long ago was it they were saying "he'll never win on tour again" ??    How quickly they forget who they're talking about…

tat 22020 says:

That ol dog is done


Brandel is the worst!!! This guy is a douch!

Aaron Cole says:

Dude in the background needs his mouth duct taped shut.

Charlie Davis says:

Brandon comparing DJ to tiger. Lmao. He has been a Tiger hater for ever. Get Brandon out of commentating, he's too old and is a joke commenting about golfers in today's events. They don't play hurt, sick, or emotionally depressed, sponcers pay them allot of money to perform. If they play bad the public blames the club. Tiger is very much aware of that and his body.

Hurrricane Kitty says:

Someone teach my pretty ass how to play ?

Donald Lacey says:

I thought I was the only one to notice that Zero2Hero. Brandel Chamblee's dislike for Tiger is evident every time he mentions his name..

Major Dickie Head says:

the thumbnail is really bothering me. Tigers arms look whack

christian g. says:

Tiger nedds Dr. Müller – Wohlfahrt from Munich Germany.

Hmoob Channel says:

Too much injury. He should retire and enjoy life. Don't do more damage.

A D says:

He’ll be fine . Good decision TW.

Matt Anderson says:

Brandel said that we don’t know which Tiger Woods is going to show up. He described every top 10 ranked player to a T. Every player…Rory, Koepka, Johnson, Rahm, Thomas, etc will play great for a while and then have a bad stretch. Take Koepka for example, he’s in his bad stretch right now. Since his 4th at the 2019 Tour Championship, he’s gone MC, WD, T34, T17, T43, MC. Thomas has had a couple wins but also a couple missed cuts. Rory has been the most consistent…high finishes but no wins. That’s what makes Tiger’s 142 made cut streak even more impressive. I think he won like 40 tournaments during that span. But we’ll never see that level of golf again. At the moment, when he’s he’s healthy he’s the same as any other top player. He can win, but he can also have off weeks and miss the cut.

Lama 67 says:

Ryan Burr is so unbelievably over dramatic it’s ridiculous, every time I hear him speak it sounds as though he is intentionally trying to stir the pot.

O. G. says:

Rolfings confident as hell again lol

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