Tiger Woods – Ultra Slow Motion (Driver) Torrey Pines

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craigk621 says:

Tiger is all about torque. That stress on the body is what causes him to be
so good to watch and so likely to be injured.

Like Rafa in tennis. You cant play when injured so the swing must be
subservient to the likely injury caused by the movement.

tri vu says:

That is what gets a lot of people in trouble…lag. Most people would
emulate these moves by the pros and the results are slices or blocking
balls to the right. Most amateurs should try to straighten the right arm
once reaches waist heights in order to close the club face. Took me over 14
years to figured that out. 

petereuropa says:

It look so easy. Will be nice if you are back on the course soon Tiger.

Matthew Snart says:

Yet ANOTHER great slow mo vid showing that all the best to have ever hit a
driver do NOT hit it on the upswing. The amount of instructional vids from
Pro’s saying that you should hit it on the way up is crazy. 

swingtrade2 says:

bad set up. his hands should be in front of the ball. shaft and left arm
in straight line. he used to have a nice set up when he was young. look
at the good drivers: mcilroy and nicklaus are examples – straight line.

Michael Ferry says:

I’ve driven some of the best cars BMW has to offer and they are the
Ultimate Driving Machines on the road…on the golf course it’s Tiger
Woods! I love you Tiger! Masters 2015 Masters 2015 Masters 2015 Masters
2015 Masters 2015 Masters 2015 Masters 2015 Masters 2015 Masters 2015
Masters 2015 Masters 2015 – Tiger Woods Champion

Steve Pete says:

During his mid and late downswing (as he approaches impact) his head and
eyes are pointing at a spot about 12 inches “behind” the ball. He’s hitting
it blind. How does he know where the ball is if he’s looking so far behind
it? This is much different than a player like David Duval or Carl
Pettersson who are looking at least 12 inches in front of the ball at
impact. It also seems like Tiger’s mostly using his upper body—I’m not
seeing any lateral movement with the lower body and I don’t think he’s
using a traditional left hip clearing move while the arms remain completely
passive and the left arm freewheels into impact a la Hogan. I know
historically Tiger’s lower body was so explosive that it would race ahead
of his hands and arms and he’d get “stuck.” Is this a new method of
minimizing lower body movement in the downswing and swinging more with just
his tremendous upper body core (abs, shoulders, neck, arms, wrists, hands)?
Or is it just at this “face on” view I can’t see how much his hips are
opening? I know most Pros hips are completely open at impact. World class
flexibility and strength to be able to hit your 7 iron 200 yards with an
extra stiff dynamic gold shaft. 

SM Daly says:

Is Tiger left eye dominant?

Bucky Love says:

wow nice putt!

Ez707 says:

Way too much talking. You could cut your word count in half and say the
same thing. Likes to make himself feel good i guess -_-

Paul EJ says:

That is a STUNNINGLY good impact position…right through his entire body!
That is as good as I have ever seen…and I have been playing, watching or
teaching this game for 44years….Imagine Tiger Woods as a LONG and
STRAIGHT driver of the ball with his course management, iron and short game
!!!!….will injury stop us??? good God Almighty I hope not!!

MrElculver2424 says:

That is a ton of club head lag. Great swing, too.

Jack Maguire says:

‘from the konica minolta swing vision camera, AND this yellow line” haha

shane koontz says:

By the way RYHELLMS, Care to post YOUR swing on YOUTUBE? I will if you

qdE uä says:

Awesome lag.

WAX Golf says:

Nice jump shot. What a silly and ridiculous way to swing a golf club. And
of course, Kostis loves it. Oy….

kbkesq says:

Nice! Thanks for posting so soon. You have a great collection going!

WAX Golf says:

You have no idea what you’re talking about, but good luck with your
complete ignorance. Come to the range or course any time and bring your

shane koontz says:

RYHELLMS, Is Tiger your buddy? Did WAXGOLF hurt your feeling or something?
I don’t know Mr. Watts, but he has done work with the golf swing that MANY
good players and LDA competitors have acknowledged as quite progressive.
Personally I had to find a better way to swing after my back went out
(because of a faulty move I had) and now not only am I LONGER and more
accurate….I’m pain free. He knows what he is doing and his swing is DAMN
good also! I’ve seen them ALL…And WAXGOLF can do it!

BenJogan says:

Best Tiger move. much more old stylish (ala Hogan – Snead)

ryhellms says:

HA!!! 40 times better than your “perfect swing”…. I didn’t know the
“perfect swing” included an overly exaggerated take back, leg lift at the
top, and a crazy finish all directed by the arms. You literally took the
words out of my mouth when you said “what a silly and ridiculous way to
swing a golf club”, go back to your crappy range and bang a few more 265
yd. drivers for me. Thanks, Butch Harmon

Johnny Behman says:

thats is an insane golf swing.

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