Tiger Woods unreal hook shot on hole 15 3rd round 2011 Masters.

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TheArfdog says:

…. and Faldo is unimpressed

Kurios Kaleb says:

i hit hooks all the time unintentionally, but when ever I actually try to
hook the ball, I hit it straight…

Dtyler171 says:

I would have made it to the pin. What a hackjob. =P

Aye Zee says:

golf coverage sucks. IT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!
these boring monotone announcers– all they say is what club it is and
where the ball lands. some retired golfer should have more to say than
that. my 9 year old daughter could do a better job!
the ball is obviously white with the sky as a backdrop, so the TV viewer
has NO freakin idea where the ball flies. All we know is where it lands.
BORING. tiger hits all these crazy draws and other creative shots, SHOW

otherwise we see a bunch of guys taking what might as well be practice
swings for all we know. IT SUCKS! no wonder nobody likes watching golf!!!
thumbs up if you agree!! 

melde laget says:

How far did he have left?

Ed Kell says:

I could play with all 14 clubs and Tiger using just his putter, and I’d
still lose by 10 shots probably

Repete255 says:

@baronje2010 troll

Mark Grundy says:

This was done in 2011 or 2010, can’t remember which, but this isn’t the old
tiger, its actually the post-‘incident’ one. He still has flashes of
brilliance, which is why I think he can get it back

Nathan Maddox says:

Is that Seth Rogen narrating?

Mark Grundy says:

What?!! It was done live….

TheMaster640 says:

@bricko1665 you should check out the 8th green…. :/

ken shea says:

the announcers always try to arouse this enthusiasm for tiger even though
he’s slumping hard core. he’s a far cry from the 2000 tiger who won like
52% of tourneys he participated in. i still think he can think up and
execute shots that no one else can though.


Well obviously he isn’t going to play well forever under any circumstances.
But keep in mind that his run at the top lasted 15 years. How many weeks
was he the world’s #1? And I never doubt him. I doubt players that somehow
remain on the tour for decades with a minor win here and there.

WillCooperGolf says:

followed by a 3 putt…

Mahmoud Mousavidehshikh says:

@BadAssDrummer01 I don’t see why we gotta compare them…..and just for the
sake of saying we do, how can a baby draw (Phil’s shot) even compare to a
massive 50 yard hook, all over water, landing as if he hit a pitching
wedge? I mean, Phil’s shot was as clutch as it gets (like Tiger’s masters
chip), but this shot was definitely more difficult…..

Jacob Maddox says:

i don’t think that is possible

TheIEvon says:

fuck anyone that says tiger dosent still have it.

Almansa403s says:

Well Tiger didn’t over club and he did hit the green, that’s the difference
between good and great. Oh and he’s Tiger, he gets way more media attention
because he is the best golfer on earth.

Waka99Ify says:

That shot broke the ball track or they would’ve

smokeysingh07 says:


Marco K says:

because he wants to get on the green and not into the water

Phil Song says:

I remember this

ceagle92 says:

@soybomoh good story champ

Niclas Jespersen says:

Look at that green!

W. Jones says:

I remember watching this live. Such a sick shot!

Jimmie A says:

Id love to see the protracer on this

brmillgr says:

I thought this was from a video game at first… holy sht he really hit
that shot, i didnt know it was that ridiculous of shot, thats like 90
degree left turn after the trees… sick

audiopro316 says:

Penis on the mind?

agmclean90 says:

you are a f*cking moron!

gaston gardey says:

@bricko1665 it does

Nick Lott says:

two words, Bubba Watson

Angelo Armenti says:


llvllasterwarrior says:

i wish they could have the camera follow the shots from behind to see wat
the players see. like they do on some tee shots.

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