Tiger Woods vs. Stack and Tilt

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Top 25 Golf Instructor Zach Allen
For your own personal swing analysis from me, please visit http://zachallengolf.com/swing-analysis/ A video analysis of Tiger Woods and Charlie Wie, Stack and Tilt model. Sean Foley is Tiger's new golf instructor, and has spent many hours under the guide of Mike Plummer and Andy Bennett. Interesting to see how Tiger's swing evolves with Sean Foley, and not the Hank Haney Project.

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michael laudien says:

bad camera angles and you have no clue

Jake Ledbetter says:

I am sorry but the stack and tilt is garbage and not in control.. all of the best players ever made a turn off the ball, none of them ever stayed centered or left on the golf ball. jack, tiger when he was winning all the majors, Arnold, Hogan.. none of them were stacked and they are the greatest ballstrikers of all time

CanaryBros says:

Tigers swing in this video is from the time when he was working with Butch Harmon. A dead giveaway is the steel shafted driver used back then, plus his large lateral head movement and old release.

alex vwenz says:

My instructor is trying to get me to swing like Wei…staying centered w/ little head movement. What do you think about that type of swing for a big guy?   …6'2 230 lbs.  

GOS says:

Why are 99% of these golf instructional videos on Youtube such poor quality? The audio is terrible on this and the sad attempt at adding in the website made me laugh out loud and totally stop watching.

Miles Adams says:

That's neat. Who's number one in the world again?

StankPunatra says:

Clear your throat

1verybadass says:

Full of shit commentary is as good as nothing said!!

Tiger = 2-plane setup & swing; Charlie = 1-plane setup & swing!!

Reed2d2 says:

good breakdown

cgasucks says:

You got the shittiest audio….

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