Tiger Woods / Warm-Up Routine (2014 Dubai Desert Classic)

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RollYourRock says:

Robert, I’m not sure. Sorry…

Maybe someone else can help?

Matt Robinson says:

I believe he’s still as hungry to get to the 18 or 19 majors as he ever
was. He just needs to get completely healed (praying for him), and the fire
will come back. You can never count him out. 

moreme40 says:

What a smooth fluid motion. Last night I dreamed I had that swing

Louis Benevides says:

If he is 100% next year, I would not count him out. I think he will have a
number of chances to win majors before his career is over. Lets just hope
he stays healthy. Going back to that junior golf swing will put him back in
the fairway. If he finds the short stuff more often, we will see him in
contention and winning again.

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

i wonder why he’s swining it so short, that’s the shortest i’ve ever seen
him swing, even with the foley swing

Rob Atkinson says:

He’s all done now,no more majors for him.he might be number 1 world
ranked.but it takes alot more to win a major.hes lost his love for the
game,and most of the time he loses his head!!the players around him are now
more hungry,and don’t fear his reputation!!it’s a shame because as a golfer
he was brilliant,but iam tiered of watching golf and the cameras following
him around,instead of the players leading and earned their right of the
coverage!!i hope Rory gets things right this season,i think he’s the one
who can be the best player that’s ever played the game..but only time will

TeamLockDownMLG says:

Why does he throw balls and tiger when tiger has balls in front of him.
I’ve never understood why pros do this.

Tactical Persuader says:

Steroids and swing change ruined this guy.

Rafael Rivero says:

I´m pretty new about golf, but when I see him,I can´t see a sportman
looking for concentration. I see a sad man. May be he lost that spark, that
make you succeed.

Ninja_Prime says:

Don’t write the guy off, he has a knack of coming back when you least
expect it. 

Minton Vee says:

Majors were really important in Jack’s day because it brought the best
players from around the world together. Nowadays we have four WGC events,
plus four FedEx playoff events, plus four majors. Tournaments are MUCH
harder to win in the Tiger era than in the Jack era. Jack just had to play
Watson and a bunch of club pros. Tiger has had to play the best players
week in and week out. I still think he’ll get to 100 PGA wins.

The Savage925 . says:

C’mon Tiger I know you still have it in you to win majors. Prove them

punisher864 says:

Video’s the bomb. So’s the music. All good things.

John Lee says:

Completely disagree with you Rob. Tiger will win a major this year. Mark my
words old chap

Nick Wilson says:

beautiful swing

bicklesby1 says:

he’s starting to look like a relic , will be doing ceremonial tee shots
with Arnold next year ! ha half joking

Tyler Wilhelm says:

How come he isnt wearing a glove? Did he forget lol

Alexandra Dowd says:

The greatest golfer alive today. I can’t wait to meet him one day. 

Opiti72 says:

He is not at his best, for sure, still last year won 5 tournaments. Playing
bad……but well enough as to be the number one in the world. Of course he
is not the same Tiger that won the master in 97,…….almost 20 years
ago…….. He is getting older, and for all of us this is sad. Probably we
already saw the best Tiger, hungry, angry, healthy, YOUNG, etc……..which
is also sad, BUT, form there to say that he is done…….I think it is a
mistake. I am sure he still has a lot to offer and win………and we will
see it. He is almost 40………it is a different Tiger, and we have to
understand that. Still the best player in the world, and he will continue
the story…….as Jack did it until the end of his career. 

emcaloonjr says:

Great video! The music sets the tone perfectly in my opinion

Dan Osper says:

What’s with the Mills and Boon music?

zughoytim says:

Perhaps it’s the music, but I get very sad watching this: the one thing
Tiger lacks is the joy in the game. He looks tired and uninspired. Must be
hard hitting golfballs all hour life. I think that unless he rediscovers
the fun of the game, he will NOT win another major. Perhaps a tournament or
two, but no majors.

7bikerboy7 says:

thanks for upload…what is the name of the first song?

Doug Season says:

wonder who is behind tiger. seems like a lot of people are looking that way
and taking pic/vid as well.

aardvaark069 says:

That sounds kinda like a Baldwin piano. Is the player Earl Wild?

June-Ho Chung says:

it’s quite funny how in 2013 people were saying that Tiger was going from
being a picker to a digger. Look at how small the divots are here and how
crisply he is hitting the balls!

David P. says:

Still the GOAT 

Gman6755 says:

So is it porn stars before or after the round for him? Oh yeah, probably
both! I don’t think he is near the player he used to be. The gods of golf
have cursed him and it shows. Not a big fan of his at all anymore. 

loyly says:

What’s the music about.

bicklesby1 says:

why would you want to caddie for a dick when you could be hanging with

gee gee k says:

Atkinson please let me know the #’s of the next power ball on your crystal
ball you Twit!

0307601978 says:

Tiger will not get to Nicklaus`s 18 majors. His body and mind are breaking
down at a time when the rest of the players have got much better. That is
what will end his quest. He had a good run though.

Mox_au says:

want dem shoes

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