Tiger Woods wins 70th title at WGC-Bridgestone Invitational ’09

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Mike Doyle says:

remember how much spin we used to get before the new groove rules? here’s a
taste of what it was like. 

Juan De Dios Cardona Agudelo says:

nigger motherfucker human garbage,

Jake Nash says:


therese xioa says:

i dont think so its easier than most sports atleast i think so i used to
think it was boring too but its actually fun

Robert Gourlay says:

Woods…Worlds best ever sportsman!!! Still so much to offer, Earth Class!

RealHipHopAkromatik says:

lol i wasnt comparing it to other sports i kno its a bit easier than most
but i was sayin its not as easy as dey make it look

Husker Hawker says:

I hope Tiger and Padraig go at it all weekend too but to call him Tiger’s
nemesis is a little extreme. Tiger has 70 PGA wins and Paddy only has 19
wins between PGA and European. Padraig is a great golfer but I’d say Vijay
has been the nemesis. or at least the closest thing.

Peter B says:

2:06 holy fuck that spin is crazy

Cyril Terry says:

ok Ithere is a good amount of truth in it I believe. but maybe until
recently woods sees that paddy is like kryptonite to the superman

himlaskit says:

yeah im with u! 😀

Cyril Terry says:

padraig might have something to say about that i think. he has been tigers
nemesis ever since their amateur days where padraig beat him. also beat him
in his own back yard in his own tournament. Padraig is the only one capable
of going eye to eye with the tiger and not wilting. He loves playing with
him and feeds off that pressure. Lets hope they have a duel on sunday

meado says:

@TheBimtf is he? i thought he just changed to a nike?

monkey77balls says:

what kind of putter is his using?

PrideIsMyMiddleName says:

tiger woods is the nerd of golf tho.

Ezequiel Gerez says:

1:42 the best shot!

Jonathon Woo says:

he has so much fucking spin….that shit cray

lbluesey says:

Tiger to the PGA Tour is like the PGA Tour is to the Nationwide Tour.. it’s
just unfair lol.

RealHipHopAkromatik says:

lol u misunderstood man i sed easier den “most” i didn mean all n if u saw
my first comment i was sayin some ppl dont even consider it a sport but u
do need skill foreal

Braden J says:

@Playtowin100 and either way; steroids wouldnt help u very much in golf hah.

BeNicePlz says:

Wodds is a monster.

J thyme says:

this guy is unbelievable…

JeppoFreestyleSk8 says:

lol 3:22 😀

95gashead says:

2:05 , watch this shot as part of may daily routine

Vic Rattlehead says:

so does many other you dont like banging chick? you’re gay arent you?

jonnydaly111 says:

if im was his playing partner i couldn help but sit back and watch him at

breezeGH says:

Well You are right. He had a [ not so long] way to go. It’s a very
realistic dream to be fair. I hope he does make it. Records are set to be

jbond9996 says:

i bet he was thinking about the hooker he had at his house the whole time.

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