Tiger Woods withdraws due to apparent injury at Bridgestone

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STDrepository says:

If you manage to get injured playing friggen golf you just weren’t meant to
contribute to evolution.

Trigger Happy Guns says:

Screw Tiger. Karma sucks. I’ve been to many a tournament and watched player
after player sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans and kids.
Tiger walks by as if they don’t exist. Golf will be better without him.

Leuel48Fan says:

– Jumping to block a shot and landing at a wrong angle
– Getting tackled by a hard helmet to helmet hit
– Flipping a car into a catch fence at 200MPH
– Taking a swing at a golf ball

Is it just me or does one of those not belong there?

Harold Hernandez says:

Injured during golf? I dont think so

4 Eyed Animation says:

Is it steroid use related injury?

larry wheeler says:

he actually gets a back spasm during his hitting driver- you can see the
little dip hitch movement. golf is pretty much all back torque so if you
have back surgery you should give it a year. it’s okay for recreational
golfers like myself, but PGA pros in competition no way. your adrenalin
fools you into thinking your okay, then wham. a back spasm is a locking up
of the muscles in the back. then you walk around stiff like a mummy.


Is butthurt really an injury?

PaveLowExpert says:

He was already 15 shots back entering the final day. With no chance to win
and frustration becoming unbearable, he just decided to quit.

Jared Moore says:

lol anytime he’s playing terribly, you can count on a bought of “back

George Martin says:

its over….my nigga used ped’s for decades…too bad he cant call on dr.
gallea to come to help him like he used too…after decades of ped use his
body is falling apart…a cheat on and off the course…lindsay vaughn aint
no good luck charm my nigga….funny how he never fucks black
women…never….racist he is

Jalan Hart says:

people tend to forget that it was tiger’s upbringing to not quit in pain
with his dad being a green beret and all. he may not have been playing this
bad, but he still wasnt in a leading position in 2008 on a broken leg.

mjc6184 says:

I think the debate will rage on, but it does suck to see him deteriorate
like this. There will always be the argument that many of his current
tribulations are in fact self-inflicted, but to some degree, you can’t help
but feel for the guy.

Despite his personality flaws and questionable decisions off the course, he
is one of the all-time greats. That being said, I think the game is in
great hands with the likes of Rory and some of the younger players, but it
would be neat to see Tiger make one final charge towards number 18.

Either way, I wish him the best. 

sebastian cuello says:

Golf is gay anyway

troller says:

how in the hell does anyone get injured in golf?…..is that like getting
injured playing poker?

Kilo 64 says:

I think playing golf may be fun but to be a spectator and/or watching it
live on tv means you have some serious issues with your life lol .. It’s
boring as hell! HAHAHA 

BlahBlahBlah55209 says:

Let’s face it. It’s over. Take your near billion dollars, your “one of
the greatest of all time” monikers and call it a career. 

Mark Justice says:

His back injury is due to his inferior nigger back bone. Colored people
suffer from this. My thoughts are with you Tiger, it sucks you suffer from
Nigger Spine

Cordova1985 says:

Talk about Tiger Woods, boy oh boy! I felt sorry for this man the day he
was forced to give an apologetic speech to the world. This is what happens
when a black man date a white woman, when she says jump he asks how high,
the black man must suffer, and go through a lot of obstacles to prove to a
white woman that he’s obedient and he can get into bed with her. This
sickness I called, the worst case of the pussy whooped. The same goes for
all the Oriental races out there.

Ronnie Tee says:

Karma is a bitch. He will never win another Major. Jack is smiling. God
Bless the Irish.

Koko Ya says:

J.’A.D.O.R.E ! :)?

ohemgee4419 says:

the commentators makin it seem a lot worse almost like if they can feel it
“grimecing in pain” “lingering/extreme pain” maybe he fakin

Albert J.R. Guerra says:

Time and time again the Tiger haters come out. Its crazy to believe that
people can hate a person for being good for so long at something. I
imagine these individuals to be losers in life and pretty much suck at
everything. Nobody is perfect and unfortunately Tigers mistakes are
advertised to all the wanna be perfect people of this world. Get over it,
in the end whether he wins more tournaments or no more, he will be one of
the greatest to ever play-no one can change that, not even the golf wanna
be who cannot play any sport.

Dozer eyes says:

tiger is in extreme pain, oh yeah like those soilders who get thier legs
blown off.

Hank Stone says:

“Apparent” is the key word; his “apparent” injury became worse with every
terrible shot.

Well, it certainly has been quite a run for Eldred Woods. He’s won a lot
of golf tournaments and, certainly a lot of money (deservedly so); however,
I believe history will forgive him for his profanities, his digressions,
his cheating (on and off the course), his pomposity, inability to accept
blame, and his tenuous moral character. So, his distinction will be
remembered in a special group of athletes; those that were great in their
respective sport, but morally challenged. In fact, I believe Eldred is not
only in the top FIVE of dubious athletes; he is # 1 in my book as the most
despicable of all!

Only the following are less, less-dignified; # 2 is Tyrus Cobb, a baseball
gambler, spiker, racist, and maybe the most hated baseball player of all, #
3 goes to Barry Bonds, probably more disgraced than Cobb, but his offence
is singular, and # 4 goes to Lance Armstrong, winner of seven Tour de
France events, all the while juiced on performance enhancing drugs, # 5 is
a tie between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, who together amassed more home
runs in single-seasons than anyone else before by injecting steroids into
their bodies to become inhuman and perfect examples of egotistical and
narcissistic behavior.

Don Baxley says:

Sick and tired of his injuries. Either play or stay home I don’t care

Naimul Haq says:

I am confident that Tiger will return to winning more Majors. Tendulkar
bounced back 5 times from injuries to regain top form.

MarbleDemo says:

Oh no I hurt myself wile playing golf for millions of dollars a hole, I
hope his dumb ass wife gets a clue and takes half his stuff like she should
have over 5 years ago. 

Ziggidyzig2040 says:


Ryan Holmes says:

He’s lying. 

MrFullkick says:

Omg is he made of papir or plastic haha.jesus!golf is such a hard sport

Ryan Kimberly says:

How does a nigga get injured playing golf btw didn’t watch the vid

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