Tiger Woods withdraws from competition at Farmers

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In the opening round of the 2015 Farmers Insurance Open, Tiger Woods decides to withdraw after experiencing pain in back throughout the day.


Ryan Kwon says:

Did anyone really not see this coming? He came back way too fast and in an
effort to stay competitive with the max distance guys, he went full
throttle too much with his driver. I like his determination and that’s what
makes him fun to watch but at some point you just have to stop being so
stubborn and do what’s best for your health.

Zeb Andersson says:

Billy Horschel picking up Tigers tees like Tiger is 90-years old

VelvetGal5 says:

I empathize with Tiger Woods in regards to his back pain. I have had back
pain for some years as well. As you get older, the back pain gets worse.
It’s not fun to be in chronic pain, every minute of every hour of every day
of every week, etc. I hope Tiger gets to feeling better & finds some way he
can play better despite his chronic back pain. I wish him well. My Mom &
Dad like to watch golf on TV often. And Tiger Woods still remains my Mom’s
favorite player to watch over the years. I even bought her a Tiger golf
club cover that she has used for many years. Anyways, I wish Tiger Woods

TheArfdog says:

Damn this really sucks. I wish, WISH, he would come back into contention.
But I know back problems, it really does wear out your mind just having
that pain all day and night. Re-tweaked my back on the course (among a few
other times), and I was just thinking to myself “i can’t believe this crap
isn’t healing after 2 years”…. 

cityofchamps66 says:

Tiger needs to step away from golf and not play one competitive round until
he has played 4 straight days walking 18 holes each day free of pain and if
he is physically unable to do that take a leave of absence, maybe a year or
two off

bernie sharp says:

it’s time for the cameras to focus on someone else now , this has been is
getting boring , every time he get’s a bogey or worse he limps off , i
noticed when he reversed in his car he was straining his back looking over
his shoulder not looking in too much pain ?

e james says:

can anyone really tell a difference on the greens between a titleist v1 and
a v1x???
I can.

Harp Neal says:

Faking it please people if he was in that much pain no way could he swing
that golf club I have had back pain for over 25 years, my tail bone tip is
broken off and bent. I know for a fact he is not in that much pain and he
could not move the way he was if he really had pain that bad in his back.
Any good back doctor will tell you that he has done this before using his
shoulder and knee. He WAS a good golfer but since he got caught with that
girl crap few years back since he has not been playing like he should it is
all in his head. So he just makes excuses using fake knee,shoulder and now
back trouble.

John Steven says:

That sucks to have back pain, I know believe me!

Dreama40 says:

I totally agree, poor play veiled as an injury> He can hit lots of balls in
practice, looks good and then when his score is going south are fuck it i’m
done, get me outer here..I think his back is fine he needs to work on his
confidence because that’s in far worse condition than his back. His pride
wont allow him to continually play poorly in front of large crowds so
better to exit under the guise of being injured. I’m not buying it for a

Henry Adda Chaisritha says:

Geeezz Tiger find a faith healer.

Sean Ali says:

He’s done. Needs to retire.

vince guest says:

Tiger has a degenerative disc that’s been shaved,it will never be the
same.It will have healed with scar tissue and will be prone to
reherniation.The swing is the cause as he is torquing and bending putting a
lot of force into his lower spine as he tries to swing so hard and fast
into the ball.He’s going to have to find a more back friendly way of
swinging or he’ll be done.It’s sad to see but it happened to Seve and in
the end he just couldn’t find a fairway.

Trevor Stan says:

Lol another fake injury from tiger. Can he just permanently retire or is he
going to keep withdrawing from every tournament on some fake back injury?
All the golf channel media tomorrow will be tiger withdrawals blah blah
blah. What about the guy winning? Maybe a short segment on him but whatever
everything is about a guy who now sucks at golf and plays fake injury every
other tournament.

e james says:

I’ve heard of a dude’s game going south but tiger’s is in antarctica right

Jake Rommer says:

Now the normal coverage can continue 

Jordan Nevares says:

Poor play veiled as an injury. We’ve seen this before. Here comes another
crappy season for Tiger.

kenny bob says:

Why does the one guy start humping the other guy on the back of the golf
cart at 1:25 mark.

d jones says:

tiger is done

Douglas Stoner says:

Anyone that says these injuries are fake obviously have never had lower
back troubles. You can see it when he bends and twists. 

johnny67448 says:

He will get back to winning events again but that seems such a long way off
at the moment.

John McCain says:

Hundred’s of balls hit in practice no back problem, but conveniently it
goes out in the middle of a bad round. Not buying it. 

VoidOfEnigmas says:


Mr Walter says:

Here we go 

david says:

7yrs since he won his last major at ’08. he’s got to win at least 4 to tie
jacks records. 5 to beat it. can he win 5majors in 10yrs or less?

Andi Crossfit says:

Tiger Tiger Hope You Get Well
Take more time off.
the World loves you
You are a Legend 

david says:

3 withdraw in 8 start. Is that a new record for tiger?

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