Tiger Woods YOU SUCK!

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Matthew Strandberg says:

Haha love him, and his potty mouth!

DosSveDaunyauh says:

Wtf is wrong Tiger???

Eighteen Under Par says:

watching @TigerWoods last few holes at the #TourChampionship reminds me of
this video – mostly the reaction! http://ow.ly/p48YM

Lee Johnson says:

Tiger Woods may suck, but he gets a lot of Strange Sex.

Samuel Hudson says:

your choice of words suck

justaman6972 says:

@iamnotascientist Actually I am a scientist. I have advanced degrees in
biology and chemistry, and played highschool football , not futbol, real
smashmouth football not the girls game of soccer,but good guess and you can
keep the wank…

Daniel91LC says:

Oh, how the mighty have fallen…..

opannefrank says:

Why do you think that? What evidence do you have? Sounds like you’re just
another Tiger Woods fanboy willing to do mental gymnastics to defend your
hero, Tiger.

lynxman23 says:

LMFAO!! Every golfer in the world has said this, or at least thought it at
some point!

Cameron Stewart says:

This is amazing!

zevnik says:

This is the Tiger Woods clip which has me so enthralled. Love him!

trev225 says:

@deadlybuttparasite first of all try to write in sentences that people can
read, second y would u get so angry that he put a disclaimer? u clearly
don’t mind but some people might. Lighten up francis

howareyousylar1 says:

“I don’t think he’s pleased” lmao Captain Obvious

jandean61 says:

JACK ASS !( Happy Gilmore)

Jared Fitzgerald says:

“I don’t think he’s pleased” Oh really?

Kyle Reese says:

he aint got shit on happy gilmore lolol

c3sardj says:

Dave chappelle sure nailed the way tiger woods speaks!

TheJCubedProductions says:

someone forgot to press mute

Mike Denise says:

Obviously you’ve never played golf opannefrank. Nothing else to do today?

SexCyberGuideCom says:

that fun

jdolaktv says:

“I don’t think he’s pleased” /NickCage

scottyray12 says:

@wownerd1994 thats funny

justaman6972 says:

@iamnotascientist meh its the path of least resistance ,cheers mate.

Jeremy Barr says:

This is my favorite thing of all time.

nykspree08 says:

tiger got fined 1000 dollars for this

elena1186 says:

@maxball3r28 haha its been over a year and i just got a message saying you
commented on my posting. shows how much your opinion means to, not only me,
but to developers of this site. tiger may have been a billionaire at one
point…but that means shit. i stand by what i said “looks like the
unemployment line is next for him”!

Sami El-Kebbi says:

lol i like him even more for that comment. evidently he loves talking in
the third person

Rafael Samano says:

Why does he always refer to himself in third person?!!?

brikaakos says:

hahaha so funny and the scary thing is that we doesn’t suck

AaronWyatt100 says:

I loved watching this video, really like your channel too!

ImperialWizardOfOz says:

Anyone who speaks of himself in the third party is not fully moored in

XTreMeF3sT says:

I think he’s pleased

Ballgofar11 says:

Golf could make a preacher cuss

k1Ss0fdEAtH says:

“i dont think he’s pleased” lmfao

DH-81 says:

For all the morons who think Tiger is a bad person for cussing when playing
golf, just think of the times you cussed when you hit 1 or 85 bad shots.
Golf is a very frustrating yet fun sport and it pisses you off. Yes it’s
the “gentlemans game” but please you don’t think anyone else has lost their
temper on tour? You’re a damn idiot if that’s what you think!

kiwigirl316 says:

@CoasterBob62 justbecause he wants to warn people is his business and yes
we all know there are worse things out there but good 4 u for giving the
warnig to ppl who dont want to see it

Eric Sprott says:

@daniel29bullock Hilarious, deadpan call by Verne. “Stupidly” isn’t anyway
to describe it.

Josh Taylor says:

@KamikazeScarecrows is it cuz u suck??

Aaron Allison says:

Funniest thing is Verne Ludquist’s response… “I don’t think he’s
pleased.” Classy and hilarious. I love how real Tiger is on the course. Any
golfer can sympathize with his frustration, and he is the best ever. Most
humbling game on the planet.

justaman6972 says:

@iamnotascientist well since you are not a scientist I cannot expect you to
comprehend the progression ,so I will not entertain the issue. Have a
splendid day…

daniel29bullock says:

Best part is when announcer stupidly says I DON’T THINK HE’S PLEASED. no
shit he not pleased , talk about the obvious

Yo Momma Smell Like Hot Dog Water says:

“I don’t think he’s pleased” With 40 women, he was over-pleased.

sikwitit18 says:

@nittanylions21 He is 30 miles from the pin. even though he hit the green,
that was no were close to where he wanted to be.

Kevin01SH says:

i dont think he’s please….

XTreMeF3sT says:

@KamikazeScarecrows that is if your boring.

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