Tiger's swing with no unnecessary movement

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유영두 says:

몸 직이네 바람필만 하네

J_T_T says:

As close to Hogan as anyone has gotten yet, imo.

The Lord of the Streams says:

Baggy pants and his initials on his forehead,so cool😂😂😂😂

Joshua Whittemore says:

He has beautiful swing. It's too bad his back can't keep up with it. I wonder if a more traditional allowance for the lead heal to rise off the ground would lessen the strain.

A. Sic says:

Incredible stillness but yet lots of lag !

SeanD says:

I love the lady in the red coat, just smiling. She looks so happy

周明標 says:


Jayden Cobb says:

I know it’s slow motion but tell me why in the backswing the audience looked like cardboard cutouts💀

MrWillyCC says:

That’s just like my swing!….Except for the balance, tempo, extension and club head speed 😟

Ben Smith says:

Poetry in motion 💙

Diego Diaz says:

But where just where does the speed originate from as there is no excessive moves that a hobby player tries to generate?

Produktinfo says:

Love this legend for life❤ and i stop playing after seeing this 😂

MichaelDB Hawker says:

Still can’t drive a car asleep

Roberto Leguizamón says:

Lo más grande que ví en el Golf mundial ..no va a ver uno que lo iguales ..el tigre Woods.

Oscar derrick says:

No head movement on his back swing…PERFECT SWING

sfv6 says:

Ben Hogan like swing.

Jacques Hollands says:

The only thing more still than Tiger's head is the crowd behind him.

Jessica calvis says:

You go tiger I know you got in a car accident but you’re lucky you can still walk hope you’re foot is better

Kyle Penera says:

Technically, the entire back swing is unnecessary

gemini says:

I guess everyone has their respectful opinion on who has the best swing, the best short game, the best putting, etc; but the package of who has all that, plus the consistency of applying all of that, when it counts and the nerve to do it at the most crucial time should determine who is better than the rest. An aspect of the game doesn't produce the winner. It has to be the complete package at any given tournament. Of course, luck has to be there too but you still have to have the game. I'd say Tiger has that.

David Kei says:

That's It !

Gerry McIntosh says:

Simply perfect!

Santiago De Ponce says:

Because he can’t anymore

Gregory James says:

Poetry in Motion…..

Greed says:

Omg it’s like a pendulum swing

Nokia 53 says:

is it a swing or a hit? it looks all arm to me?

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