Tips on the Trail: How to Improve Clubface Alignment

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PGA Professional Greg Hiller recommends using athletic tape and a golf tee to improve clubface alignment. To further sharpen your game call (210) 349-5113 or visit to book a one-on-one lesson today! Also feel free to request a topic, in the comment section below and we'll cover it in a future episode. Thanks for watching and stay tuned – a new episode is released every Thursday!

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Ready to test out what you've learned on the trail?

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Justin says:

Fuck yeah boiiiii


saved me from buying online, ? was about to buy a mag. alignment aid. not now tho ?


almost bought the magnet thing, but not with this video. Thanks, just saved me $20.00.

justpar2012 says:

Great tip. I have a magnetic lie rod that I placed on my 7 iron to check my alignment (left handed) and saw that I am aimed to the right. What can I do to get me aimed correctly? Thanks

Anthony Willis says:

How good is that! Thanks for tip

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