TITLEIST 620 CB IRONS – TITLEIST MB (BLADE) KILLERS? We have just seen the release of the brand new TITLEIST 620 Range of irons including the TITLEIST 620 MB, TITLEIST 620 CB, TITLEIST T100, TITLEiST T200 AND TITLEIST T300 sets of irons. these irons range from low handicap even tour pro standard, right through mid handicap, high handicap and beginner golfer levels.. this video is focusing on the CB, its had a little face lift from previous generations and looks amazing, will this be the end of people using MB clubs? who would like to see a titleist cb vs titleist mb comparison? lets do it… and lets do it now!


  1. Dear Sir, they are looking very good however I have 680 MB with the right shaft so I don´t think I should change I won´t be contemplating it to change

  2. After a lot of testing of different brands and models last year I bought and love the tp760. I will be going for a test fitting soon largely to look at the ts hybrid to possibly replace my srixon hybrid with less offset so was thinking of trying the t100s but now thinking of the cbs – what do you think viz an accurate comparison to the p760? Forged feel??

  3. That is another cracking club test and boy don’t they look good ?
    I’m looking forward to trying these hopefully at the end of the month along with the new UT iron

  4. Hey pal I have tested the CB and MB against each other. My results were more consistent with the MB. CB model is great however the MB model is excellent. Golf is so dependant on the individual and what he or she wants. Although these are great reviews the only true way of knowing what is best for you is to go hit the clubs you look to look at and hold.

  5. I play a set of 712 cb’s on a regular basis, I still have my 690 cb’s that I love just don’t see me changing anytime soon, love to see more on the T 100’s and T200’s no that I’m 62 I my need more help !!!

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