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TITLEIST 620 MB MID HANDICAP TEST – I DID NOT EXPECT THAT! Can A Mid Handicap Golfer Play Titleist 620 MB BLADE IRONS??? Can a mid handicapper use blades? this is the age old question… but upon release of the latest Titleist 620 MB irons I have to ask myself… these things look so good, that will some people use them purely for the pleasure of looking at them in the bag. what are the best mid handicap irons you can buy? what are the best irons of 2019? what are blades? can mid handicappers play with blades? the big issue here is if people who shouldn't really be using bladed irons start using them just because they look so good… and I can see that happening, titleist always make amazing looking blades, the titleist mb rival the Mizuno blades 100%… but how will they manage titleist 620 mb vs Mizuno mp20 blades… lets do it… and lets do it now!

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Don Hall-Aquitania says:

I would be willing to ruin my game with these irons in my bag.

taylor D says:

Definitely cleared that bunker

Al Thomas says:

James, I've only just come across you. This is possibly the most useful and informative video I've seen to help amateurs with iron choice!
Your friend hits his irons a little further than the average amateur though.

TherymasterWidnes says:

This is a shambles of a review

Scott Edmiston says:

Great video. However, test results are skewed since we didn't see the difference in loft angles between Titleist blades and Ping Eye 2. Example, Ping 9 iron is 2 degrees stronger than the blade. Results of test should account. Need a test with same specs, blade v. CB.

J0k3r082 says:

Sorry but it’s all in your mindset I probably have the same handycap and I still play a 1-pw true blades

jenton70 says:

In a 35 year love affair with golf, I've yet to see game improvement irons improve anyone's game. I've had many iron sets and always come back to blades. Most of my best rounds were played with them. You need to set up better. You need to concentrate on a solid strike. They should not be considered scary to anyone.

Jordan McGinnis says:

I would suggest any player of 12 handicap or below and especially 12s with a high swing speed consider blades. The newer blades have softer leading edges and are more forgiving on fat and skinny shots than old blades, and if you have a high swing speed you don't lose that much distance on off center swings. Also blades make you focus more because in the back of your mind you know they are blades, because of that you are less likely to over swing, or think that you can get away with a reckless swing because of technology. I started hitting the ball better when I switched to blades and I couldn't figure out why, took me a while to realize that this was the case.

Snow leopard says:

Know you’ve done it in the past but a full 18 or 9 hole score would be interesting with Mark’s thoughts on how it felt..?

ubb4me says:

Those don't work for him. Send them over to me would you? I mean if your done testing them.

Erik's Videos says:

So, in summary, cavity back game improvement irons go farther than blades. Uh, thanks. : ) Seriously though, it would have been interesting to see how how he hit these two different styles of clubs at the same lofts, and also to look at differences in dispersion and more subjective things like feel and confidence.

C H says:

It looks like this fellow has had one too many lessons. He's more concerned about his swing shape and finish, than hitting the ball and putting his body into it. Hit the ball as hard as you can, and find your natural rhythm, then work on consistency and see a coach for fine tuning. Starting and finishing your swing to "look pretty" before you figure out how to actually hit a ball is a waste of time 😉 On the topic … massive club heads may help you make ANY kind of contact with the ball and may help slight off-hits. But really … if you're missing the club face by a massive amount, no "game improvement" iron is going to do a single thing. You're better off struggling to hit more compact irons and forcing yourself to become more consistent in general, by having less room for error.

Scott Rolph says:

The conclusion of this video is completely wrong. He hit them great. The misses he had with the MB’s still would have been just as bad with his own clubs. The confusion is about the number on the bottom of the club. Obviously the loft of the MB’s is going to cause the ball to not go as far. This test was not a test at all. Match lofts, do the test again, and you’d be splitting hairs to find differences.

Lee Davies says:

James, can you recommend/review the most forgiving irons but with high spin for stopping power?

mike liebing says:

At what point do you cross from a "mid handicapper" to a "low handicapper?   — Single digit?

Glenn Wiebe says:

From my personal experience, using a blade will help you become a better ball striker. Having used mizuno t-zoid pro's for over 15 years (why fix what isn't broken), they teach you how to hit it pure. If you miss the sweet spot you get instant feedback. Conversely, a well struck shot is rewarded by that "buttery" feel. Use blades!

Michael J Brennan says:

James, do more club comparisons with a mid handicapper. It would be more beneficial for those of us who aren’t low handicap/scratch golfers.

Outstanding content as usual.

Thomas Barnes Grimes says:

I have ZM-b Titleist three iron which is a pure blade- it isn’t that unforgiving but you just need to have confidence

Boba Defett says:

We need a Rob Potter vs Mark golf match. Not sure how close you and Rick Shiels are, but make it happen.

jacob kemp says:

I love blades, the thin look is amazing, a pured blade is one of the best feelings in golf, and they have amazing distant control. However they give painful feedback if you miss off the toe alot and you will lose distant if your not striking them correctly. I'm going to try something other than blades for the first time though been getting a lot of pain I'm my wrist lately, specifically the tendon running from the thumb. So I'm hoping something more forgiving will help that out.

Ian Richmond says:

What would the results for a mid handicapper be with these against the Titleist 718 T-MB

Kim Hannemann says:

Love your opening when you walk in and "catch" Mark doing something … verboten. Comic relief.

Ross Lillebo says:

If you can strike the ball you can play blades. I still think it makes you a better player over time because it forces you to start finding the middle of the club. Ping's are fitted for Mark so that along with lofts probably played into his numbers a bit? Really a great time to be playing golf….SOOOO many good options on the market for every level of player and every budget I think. My equipment was all 12-15 years old as I hadn't been able to play much due to time constraints and changed my whole bag out this year with my first ever set of custom fitted clubs. Man do you see a big jump in performance with equipment over that many generations and can't say enough about custom fitting. Wish I would have gone down that path years ago. Definitely worth the investment.

Jeremy Wiltshire says:

I agree with your last point to a certain extent. But if cavity backs or Game improvement irons made a real difference. Then the average handicap would be lower a lot lower. I have had to take some time off, from the competitive side of the game for personal reasons. But also my head just wasn’t right on the golf course, and that’s what a lot mid to low handicappers have to deal with (IMO). I really believe that blades don’t make so much of a difference as do your mind and your practice time on the range and the course. Getting your self mentality ready for the game, is far more important than what club is in your hand.

Andy Wood says:

Think the traditional loft on the mb iron would help even though there's little technology. Pretty sure the i210 4 iron would be a lot stronger lofted ?

larsdeb1 - says:

Are we all still believing Mark is a mid handicap?

Jamie Robertson says:

That's a better swing than a 14 lol
I'm off 9 and his swing looks better than mine but my chipping and putting is good.

Mason and Crew Fragrance Reviews says:

Enjoyed the vlog. I think more should use blades James. The traditional lofts help imo ??????

Joshua Phillips says:

I'm a 9 Handicap currently and I'm using Callaway X Hot 2 and I've been playing them ever since they came out oh maybe 7 years ago I think. I've been golfing on and off back then and I made my first clubs about 20 years ago. I really improved my game over the last 2-4 years but I DON'T attest that to using GI irons, but I contribute that to playing A LOT more often, and hitting the range which improved my game. I've sort of hit a plateau where I've been trying to place my shots and be more consistent with my shots, however I feel that I've lost confidence in my Callaway clubs and play them with a lazy attitude, as I think they will just correct my errors.

I recently got a fitting of these new 620 MB irons and I have to say WOW! I felt a bit nervous at first since I've never shot blades before, however once I got dialed in with shaft selection, and lie angle I was consistently striking the ball center and out of 10 shots with my 7 iron I was withing a 10 circle and off distance was withing 1-2 yards.

Looking down at the ball I feel so confident now knowing that I can work the ball how I want and having the instant feedback on range days I can improve my game easier.

I still am waiting to order them out here in Oahu, HI, but I can not wait to have them come in and get some rounds under my belt. I might jump from an 8 to a 10 or 11 HP however I know after I get used to the clubs I will dip below 8 almost certainly once I dial in my accuracy with all my clubs.

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