Titleist 718 AP3 v AP2 v AP1 Iron Comparison

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fungkoq says:

thanks for the review

Q-Bits says:

As a high handycap golfer who wants to improve fast and train a lot, would you get the AP1, AP3 or T300 or even T100?

JAMES DO says:

Any chance of u reviewing the 3 other clubs in the 718 range? CB etc.

T-Rump says:

Hi. I would love to use forged irons for the look and feel but I think I still need the game improvement benefits of cast clubs. My questions to you are.are there any forged game improvement irons? If not what are the most forgiving forged irons out there? All brands included. I’m thinking the mizuno forged or the p790s? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Stephen Harte says:

A really helpful review, thanks, Michael. Heading down to the Titleist National Fitting Centre at Craigielaw on Tuesday. Currently playing Mizuno blades but not getting any younger or more supple so open-minded about the fitting and can't wait to benefit from Graeme's knowledge, experience and advice about the clubs for me.

Kevin Grant says:

what steel shafts did you use…?

Alan Merrill says:

How would my VR Pro Nike irons compare to the AP3s. I'm very interested in those gorgeous irons…

Yes It's Me says:

Bought a used set of 716 AP1's, I"m terrrible at golf, and hopefully these will help me out a little.

Kieran Coghlan says:

Always very good videos and very informative. Would love to see a comparison between new srixon 785 and AP2 and say new 585 and AP3. I have original AP2 and am going for new irons after 10 yrs. Keep up the great work!

Chris Godfrey says:

Great review! I look at this as your hitting the ap2 (a true 7 ironn loft) – 170 carry. You're hitting the other 2 models 6-7 yards farther in carry distance but those are basically 6 irons. Not the biggest fan of all of these strong lofts. Your swing is a thing of beauty. Soooooo nice to watch!

Lee McLaren says:

Could watch your swing all day!
If recently just been fitted and should be collecting my new ap3's within the week. Really excited to see how they do. Nice video. I subbed.

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