Titleist 915 D2 Driver 13 Handicap Testing

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Titleist 915 D2 Driver 13 Handicap Testing
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In this series of videos Rick and Mid Handicapper (13) Rob Potter test the latest drivers to see what technology can offer the average golfer. Rob lacks power and want to hit the ball further. See how Rob gets on testing the TaylorMade R15, Titleist 915 D2, TaylorMade AeroBurner, Mixuno JPX 850 and Ping G30

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aimeagle says:

Has a good swing for a 13 handicap. A typical 13 may hit 240 yard drives maybe. Once in a bit a longer shot.

Vern Nandal says:

i dont understand the r1 was like a 16 loft but the titleist was a 10.5 yet launch angle was about the same ?
im having tons of problems . Im a beginner when i went to my dads i was using a RBZ 10.5 and i could get them strait but i felt like i was leaning back too far and the ball was literally even with the middle toe . now im home using a Wilson 10 deg driver and i cant hit it strait no matter what . my club head is closed with a strong grip i have the ball again in middle of toes but im not leaning back as much . At least i havent tried that . I hit my irons and wedges strait . Help please i dont know if i should look into a new driver like the r15 but what loft should i get ?

Kris Pottinger says:

I've got this bat.

Rich H says:

Rob is a keeper! "If a driver could twerk…" Lol

WildWilly BroCro says:

Why, why, why~oh~why do you (RS) insist on giving your pet?midget there.. a 45” (shaft) DRIVER ? ?
Meaning/ Hint… How about a PING driver test w’ a 3-Wood shaft instead. ? His legs are 4” inches short, then you TeeUp a ball 2” = Yuck ?
ProTour Shaft(s) avg’ 44” & they R Adults?

thinair says:

I play a 9.5 910 D2 now. I'm an 9 hdcp.

Looking for the 915 D3.

Do you think that is a good club for me.

If so, should I stick with the 9.5 or go to the 10.5 loft?

Sicily Live says:

amazing club ! Rob ???? goat

Sodthong says:

The max loft for a 10.5 deg is 12 deg, not 12.5….

mingsonjang says:

great video…..if he had it properly fitted…shaft…and lie angle….would tighten up dispersion…yes/no?

mingsonjang says:

great video…..if he had it properly fitted…shaft…and lie angle….would tighten up dispersion…yes/no?

Nate Cormier says:

I agree first time I hit this driver I said somthing similar

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