Titleist 915 D2 TaylorMade R15 430 Drivers

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Titleist 915 D2 TaylorMade R15 430 Drivers, this is a golf driver compare video from Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. See how different some drivers can be when they are not built to the same launch conditions. This is a great way to see how custom fitting a golf club could help your golf game and your ball flight.

17 thoughts on “Titleist 915 D2 TaylorMade R15 430 Drivers

  1. hi mark, love the video’s. Can you do a comparison with the best driver of
    2015 (in your opinion) vs a driver between 2006-2010 vs driver between
    1990-2004. just to show how much a driver has improved. personally i think
    that the changes are small.
    Hope u have drivers from that time period

  2. I’m confused about a couple things Mark. First, you say at the beginning of
    the vid that you’re using Pro V1Xs for the test but the balls you hit are
    yellow? Are they range Pro Vs?

    Second, unless I’m reading it wrong, your dispersion with the 915 D2 was
    dramatically worse than with the R15 430. So it seems like you’re actually
    getting more distance and hitting it straighter with the TM club. Am I
    missing something? I realize this was only five shots, but you were almost
    consistently 30 yds left with the Titleist according to the numbers.

  3. Hi Mark!

    Just an idea for a video: A “Roundtable” where you, lockey, james, buzza,
    kevin (you decide who of course) sit down and discuss your game styles etc.
    It’s so interesting since you guys have very different strengths,
    weaknesses and styles of playing! You can talk about how you think out on
    the course, what clubs you like to hit and from where, what weather
    conditions you prefer, how you like to be dressed, how you take aim,
    routines before a shot, how you get in someones head, etc. 😉 Some of you
    might prefer to have 30 yds in to green where someone else prefer 90…
    Some might prefer to play in strong wind… I hope you see what I mean 🙂

    You can also talk about when you started golfing, when you started to
    really go for it and become pros, what you want for the future with your

    Just an idea! Great stuff!

  4. I was very reluctant to try the Sldr 430, because of all the blogs
    suggesting how unforgiving it was. I got fitted, resulting in 1.5 degrees
    loft increase, and wow! It isn’t longer, but it has eliminated enough
    backspin to make my drives more consistent in distance & dispersion terms.
    The slightly shorter & heavier shaft may also be a factor. 

  5. Hi Mark. D2 misses massively left, would like to see you utilise some of
    the tech in these clubs. I’m sure if you opened the face to B1 or even
    lower lofted C1 the flight (MAY?) be more comparable to the R15, But i’m
    curious to know if you would gain any distance/reduce spin? Your thought
    thx 🙂 #golfstatisticlover

  6. These are the thoughts I try to instill in people when fitting. I think
    they rarely sink in but I hope more will appreciate this approach after
    watching vids like these. Thanks as always Mark

  7. driving the ball is one of the weakest parts of my game, and that’s the
    reason why i bought a 915D2. i prefer hitting a club more into the green
    for a good lie, than hit ball ball ultra long with low spin into the

  8. The Titleist 915 d2 was crooked and short for me (i’ve played a 910 d2 for
    four years) – i hated the new d2. The d3 on the other hand is fabulous

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