Titleist 917 v Mizuno JPX900 driver test – The Golf Shack on tour

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Our anonymous big hitter tests out the Mizuno JPX900 and compares it to the Titleist 917 out at Reunion golf resort in Orlando.

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Pro Zone says:

JPX 900 is the tightest dispersion driver of 2017…especially with both weights center. Not only does it have sledge hammer mass behind the ball it reminds me of the TM R1 on steroids with a ping G25 sweet spot. I am hitting the longest BOMBS ever and the shaft was re-installed in the same way from Callaway GBB 2016. I am 13y longer. The weight system is awesome! finally a weight system that works, the sole pad adjustment is great and works very well. I don't often go GaGa on drivers however Mizuno wins 2017 for sure (no question)…I have been club making 25years and hit almost everything. I have a quiver of personal shafts that JPX900 made them better to play…every one! The other day played with a gorilla with 2017 M2, he had more SS/Smash than me. I delivered JPX900 even to his drives all day…then on 18 he bombed one…JPX900 out drove him by 20yards without buckling. Thin shots fly 'very well' and toe shots self correct into draws that have me saying that should NOT have gone that far. Generally most of my drives are dead center. My duck hook is gone and so is Callaway!. JPX I am hitting a controlled draw dead nuts that comes back every time I could bet money on it…no more left fringe/rough. 661x = +105ss, I recommend 661 stiff to most 100-105ss. Mizuno were always quality irons and so is this driver!

whopperwoody says:

Like the content guys, keep it up…minus the foreplay at the end!
Why do you think the Titleist fell way below the Trackman optimised ball speed?

Timothy Buma says:

Really enjoy the videos! Would love to see how the srixon line of drivers compete with the other top manufacturers.

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