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TITLEIST AND SCOTTY CAMERON TOUR, Mark Crossfield takes you through his final day with Titleist golf taking a close look at how they build golf clubs for every day golfers. Mark also get to chat to Scotty Cameron about his ideas on putter fitting and who has used his amazing fitting space.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Ed Mundo says:

Scotty nearly soothed me to sleep

e james says:


dazzystart says:

I want a blue putter

pesmaniac says:

His name is actually Don. Worked in the early 1990s as a tour rep for Maxfli/Dunlop. Took Tad Moore's putter designs and put his own name on them.

Harrry Brown says:

I've been watching Mark for some years now and believe him to be the best I've seen. I believe he has had this kind of "intimacy" (for want of a better word) with this manufacturer because of his deal with them and has opened up a level of understanding we have rarely seen elsewhere. He has demonstrated, in spite of detractors, that he has the integrity we can trust in spite of the cynics out there. It inspires me that a man who has dedicated his life to golf can feel inspired when so many have given up. That's why I will continue to be one of his biggest fans.

Cory Stock says:

Awesome video

Timothy Daniels says:

Very enjoyable episode. You have a nice rapport with these guys and it makes for an informative story. Someone below pointed out that they don’t spring new ideas on the public every five minutes. I think that’s why even old Titleist clubs have a classic look. I have a 52* and 60* Vokey wedges that are 22 years old, and while the grooves are pretty worn, they look great in terms of design.

PipsUniversity says:

Thanks so much Mark for taking us on a tour of Titleist! So cool!

H.I. says:

I really enjoyed this, thank you.?

Johnavon Kim says:

What weights does Mark have on his putter??

keith irvine says:

My Golf Spy says Scotty Cameron putters are just 'wall hangers' like most other name brand putters.
Says there are only 3 decent putters: Ping Ketch, Evnroll, and MLA., that utilize real technology that works
and not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye like all the others……Any thoughts about this???

The Gumby Chronicles says:

Great video. I've been a Titleist loyalist for some time now and it was nice to see just how the company puts together great golf equipment.

Tristan Sargeaunt says:

More please ?

George LaBarr Music says:

This was fantastic. For the general consumer it’s nice to see how tight the tolerances are at that factory. High quality stuff. Scotty Cameron intrigues me more than anyone in the business. Putting is so key to the game and he is a master of knowledge in that department. Thanks for sharing.

Roony Golf says:

Scotty Cameron was amazing, not what I expected. Although I don't know what I expected to be honest. More of this please, Titleist showing what a class brand they are.

Reinder Carton says:

Great vlog Mark. Skipping from you to the video and back made it even more interesting to watch! Keep it up Brah!

Richard Hayes says:

Titleist and PING (maybe could throw Mizuno in there too) are the companies I find most intriguing purely from an engineering/manufacturing/quality perspective. It's obvious – even from the limited footage shown – that Titleist is top notch in that respect. Another great job Mark. I enjoy this type of content even more than product reviews and course vlogs. It's uniquely different and extremely educational. Thanks for doing these videos from Titleist HQ.

Thomas Howells says:

A bit serious with Scotty there Mark. Was expecting you to ask him to “SAY IT”!

Joe Shasky III says:

Fascinating stuff mark – thank you ?

Carl Incledon says:

More please! brilliant stuff, adds another dimension to your channel

James Moule says:

Without doubt the BEST golf content, not just on YouTube, by anywhere. Continually pushing forward in what you do Mark, and credit to Titleist for allowing the insight.

Thankyou Mr Crossfield

Richjam5 says:

Big fan of your videos Mark but to be honest, that was pretty boring.

Jay McGillicuddy says:

I enjoyed it Mark.

Alex Catherwood says:

Loved it! Keep these coming.

Mike L says:

More more more!

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