Titleist announce NEW IRONS + Q&A!

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Titleist announce NEW IRONS + Q&A!
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In this video Rick Shiels talks about the new Titleist Golf 620MB 620CB and T100 irons. The new irons from Titleist will likely replace the current 718MB 718Cb and the AP2 irons.

Titleist have announced that the irons will be in the bags of their tour professionals for the first time at the US Open at Pebble Beach. Players like Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Justin Thomas and Webb Simpson will be likely to put the irons into play.

Also watch Rick Shiels ANSWER your questions from social media!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Which of the Titleist irons do you think look best: 620MB, 620CM or T100?

Colby Roberts says:

Are you going to review the T200?

David Price says:

Cavity back.

Wynn Hall says:

Bought the 620 mb. Absolutely phenomenal.

Gerdon Karakosta says:

Hey Rick love your work. Wondering when the reviews about 620 mb/cb will be posted. Thanks so much, ?

bertraminc says:

You put that steering wheel on the correct side of that car and get it out of here!

Stephen Eads says:

As I’ve commented before I’ve bought and LOVE the i500 Pings because of your review (Fitted for of course!) But also, the Ping Hoofer 14 (2019) is the best bag I have EVER carried, also cart friendly, I’m a Nike guy through and through and had to eventually move on… ? But I moved onto ping irons, ping bag, Titliest TS2 driver, TM wedges and Spyder putter, all the thanks to you my friend, my girl and I watch all of your videos/reviews and our equipment is largely based on your opinions, you haven’t steered us wrong! Much love and appreciation Rick ??

Mikael Sundberg says:

Hi Rick, great stuff in you channel, you made me buy a Cobra F9 driver a couple weeks ago,,, great club…Any plans for reviewing Titleist T300 soon?

Anne-Marie Dubie says:

Rick… are you ever going to review the new Titleist irons??

david gerald says:

I've got the 716 cb irons, got TS3 driver, TS3 3wood TS3 hybrid, I've the CB 620 on order, I can't wait. Thanks for great channel Rick.

Bill White says:

When do you think you'll be able to get your hands on these irons and review them for us?

Sodthong says:

Golfers are the biggest ripped off sportsmen on the planet, no wonder the game is dying.

Adam Bradshaw says:

Rick, will you be testing the T100, T200 and T300 irons by Titleist?

Dave Erald says:

I play with 716 4 to pw, never liked look of 718 I don't know why, but the CB 620 looks great, i will get that set, and will get TS 3 hybrid to replace 818 H1.

John M Blake says:

Got an email today from a Titleist dealer promoting “Titleist T-Series irons”. So what does that mean? T100 T200/T300 ?

Gekko858 says:

Nothing can compare to 620 MBs. All other irons are obsolete. Perfect your ball striking and you will never turn back to another cavity back..

jeremy shephard says:

It’s definitely between the MB and the T100. Both look really good.

J says:

Just got fitted for the T100 AMAZING clubs to hit. Definetly a AP2 replacement but so much better can’t wait to get them

AECaniff says:

I play AP1s so I'm interested in the T-100 Forged

James Boyce says:

I just went through my bag, with the adjustments i would make, if i completely threw my bag away and started cobra from scratch, i would be sitting around 3,000 US after tax, and that doesnt include the fitting i would 100% be doing if i was paying 3g's for a new bag.

EyeOnTime says:

Are you into watches?

Mitchell Harrison says:

Why do u prefer the CB iron vs the MB iron?

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