Titleist AP1 TaylorMade RSi1 Irons

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Titleist AP1 TaylorMade RSi1 Irons reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the AP1 Titleist irons and compares its number to the TaylorMade RSi1 irons. See which one comes out on top with this video compare. Play your best golf with the best equipment in your golf bag.

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burtonsb145 says:

1:16 – not much difference in sole? The Titleist still classic look
lush…..That RSI looks fatter than the bird I took home last week!!!! and
the numbers on the clubs look like there right on the toe? IMO Titleist FTW

Vici Martynov says:

You really cant blame the manufacturers for this, they can do it so they
will – personally i hate it and wouldnt buy souped up irons – the question
I would ask is why, given that the PGA controls just about every aspect of
a club specification, dont they control lofts – surely the most fundamental
fact about a club is its loft so why are they allowed to change these if
they arent even allowed different slots – it kind of makes a laughing stock
of the rules I think ;-)

Trey Croney says:

It should be noted that the launch angle for each club is nearly identical,
with the RSI even launching a bit higher with a peak height that is also
higher. Even if the loft is stronger it is launching like a 6 iron, which
is why the loft is lower. With a loft of 29* for the RSI, the ball would
launch too high and not achieve optimal performance. The strong loft is not
a marketing ploy or a cheat for extra distance, but rather a necessary
component for the RSI perform its best. This is why the RSI is a better
performing club with more advanced technology than the AP1.

burtonsb145 says:

They should have to put the degree on the club like drivers do…..its very
naughty of them to sell it like its a longer hitting club when in reality
it just a stronger lofted club…….this should be regulated as this
should be against consumer law surely? – as far as I can tell unless you
go in search of the lofts it wouldn’t show it on the club – barcode or
swing ticket in store or whatever……naughty naughty Taylor Made – you
can call it marketing genius but its just pure miss selling – there is not
even a need for irons to be numbered in todays day and age…the should
just show lofts!!!

Andrew Berg says:

One of the biggest things I noticed is that even the the RSI’s had a
stronger loft, they still launched at relatively the same angle, and spun
less, I don’t necessarily agree with everything Taylormade does, but if I
can get better spin numbers, higher launch, and better distance, I would at
least try them out. If we truly believe that all clubs are relatively the
same, why do we knock Taylormade as if they are producing some low quality
product just because they release clubs annually rather than bi-annually?

NZSmall says:

The taylormades might have stonger lofts but it actually produces better
launch angles and peak height. Why should stronger lofts matter then. 

brendos444 says:

Taylormade’s new advertising tagline: “Rigging the lofts for more
distance!” lol. 

Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

Hi Mark, usually like and agree with your videos but this one is below par.
Firstly I’m not sure Titleist would agree their AP1 looks almost identical
to the RSI1.. the offset is noticably different and the soles are chunk-ier
on the TM.
Secondly I have to agree with some of the comments below. The length
difference you highlighted was just .1 of an inch longer so negligable.
Also you haven’t credited the launch angle is higher and peak height more
on the TM. They have had to reduce the loft due to the high launching
characteristics of the club. They at least launch like a typical 6 iron,
even if the loft doesn’t quiet comply.
Credit where credit is due – TM take a lot of flak, but on this occasion I
think they’ve done a cracking job and not got the rewards for it.
Ironically, your review has kinda highlighted it!

Kokularaja Pareethararaya says:

I don’t get it. Why don’t you compare an e.g. 26° loftet club to another
26°? Then we could see which one goes further and don’t have to guess any

Matthew Collins says:

Custom fitting is hugely over rated.Most significant fitted club for me was
the putter, of the rack putter are all very long.

Sammy Whammy says:

I made a similar comment a few months ago when Mark tested the TM tour
preferred MB irons, then a few days later tested the TM SLDR irons.
(Non-Forgiving v Forgiving). Both 5 irons that he hit got the
exact same carry distances, despite the SLDR 5 iron having the same length
shaft & loft of what would have been a 4 iron in the MB irons. Which one
underperformed? SLDR. Would I buy game improvement irons with cranked
lofts? No. Why? Because I feel like I am being sold a lie. I would
sooner spend several hundred pounds on golf lessons to help me IMPROVE MY
SWING, rather than buy a new set of lying irons every 3 months! I’m pretty
sure that would be more effective in helping me lower my score!

9tube1 says:

I agree with 3rdgroove. I want my irons to reliably go the same distance on
a consistent basis. I don’t care if I am hitting my 7-iron 150 yards on a
Par 3 and another player is hitting an 8, 9 or even a PW to the same green.
I want to know what distance I can reliably hit each iron in my bag. I am
about to buy Game Golf like you use Mark, to better determine the real
“playing conditions” distances I am achieving, as opposed to the distances
I can generate using a swing monitor like Trackman at the range. That data
should also reveal whether I am capable of hitting each club the same
distance toward the end of a round as I do at the beginning. Those little
details can be a huge differential in my scoring ability.

liam f says:

I like most of your club reviews Mark, they do not give the impression you
are trying to sell the club. Rick Shields on the other hand obviously works
for a golf shop, his reviews are not as honest as yours and he just comes
across as a salesman. In fact i only watch his reviews to wind my self up 

Tom Cooke says:

I don’t like these ‘false’ lofts and lengths either but it must be said
that although the TaylorMade is 2.5deg stronger it is launching slightly
higher, peaking higher and landing at the same angle, all with 1000rpm less
spin resulting in more distance. Ball speed was also up, probably more than
just 0.13in extra shaft would cause.

Chris I says:

Thanks for the AP1 review. I’m guessing my AP2’s would be about the same,
no reason to rush out and try TM’s at this point. Like others have said ,
once you know your distances the numbers stamped on the clubs are
irrelevant. Nice to have the data to see that.

MrJdk720 says:

Why can’t you just say the RSI is a better club it was launching at the
same height yet going further. Even if the lofts are lower it still manages
to reach the same max height and launch angle.

ian bainbridge says:

If u wait 6 months the Taylormade will be half price where titleist will
still be dear. The specs that manufacturers are allowed to use by r+a are
at their limits, you can have any set of gi irons from the last 5 years and
they will all perform the same.

GENO Dboy says:

can you do rsi 2 vs ap1 +Mark Crossfield or do the same test here but hit
some of the toe and heel 

hoosierfan1235 says:

Disappointed there hasn’t been a review of the Alpha 815’s

Kelly Catarina says:


Hacker2024 says:

Cracking informative review Mark 

Michael Ruppel says:

you should get a robot mark lol

sasquatchtour says:

Mark, you are missing the big picture with the irons. You are far to
focused on loft for comparable distances when you should be looking at
trajectory in conjunction with loft to accurately determine why a certain
iron might go farther. Your theory on the RSI going further because it’s 3
degrees stronger loft only works if the trajectory is also lower making the
6 iron a 5 but you hit the RSI 2 yards higher which means you actually need
less loft on the RSI to get the same trajectory with both irons making the
RSI even longer than the AP1. You spun the RSI 1000rpm less and launched it
higher than the AP1. Looking at the data Taylormade has done to the irons
what they did with the SLDR driver but instead of lofting up to achieve
proper launch with the irons they lofted down to achieve proper trajectory
to offset the low vertical center of gravity. They achieved a higher launch
with less spin and got more distance. 

Brian Ford says:


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