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Steve Olander says:

Really liked the review but my goodness the tech you're using to film is unbelievable. I know it's just you and Dan in the room but it's like you have a whole production crew filming this. So cool.

Mark Brown says:

Just a question… how come you do not compare the same type of club against eaxhother. Like AP3 vs 790… 770 vs AP2.. and 750 vs titleist mb… Just curious. Thanks, love the videos. Gives me something to watch over the long winter!

T. White says:

TaylorMade is great if you want the face to cave in and the slots to pop-out.

2222skinny says:

I demoed the whole line today tmb are good ap2 are good ap3 did not feel very good and the mb was perfect

Michael Pasvantis says:

Probably should've done P790 8 iron (35 Degree) vs the AP2 7 iron (34 Degree).
Also, is it just me or does the sole of the P790 look much larger/wider than the AP2?


With you on the titleist grooves though I think that about my 714 ap2s . Like the fact that they have gone back to a similar being chrome look over the chunky looking 716 . Will stick with my 714s . Great value now second hand and can be speith too ? largely talking to the ball and cussing it . The better iron just made me work harder to strike it well and my game slowly improving . Cheers Mark / under armour speith boi ?

22bigtuna says:

Mark I never hear anyone discuss swing weight. I am wondering if u think it would be worth it to explain it in a video if it's something worth worrying about or not. If your getting fitted it is not something that is discussed if ever. Your thoughts?

Corey Vaillancourt says:

@markcrossfield Under Armour now instead of Foot Joy?

David Hall says:

I don't see those two as natural rivals. T-MB's would have been a better match-up to the 790's. IMHO.

Justin Stephenson says:

Just to contribute on is it a 7i or should we have lofts on bottom of clubs debating point raised in the stream, I am in 2 minds on this. If the ball flight is that of a 7i, it stops as quickly as a 7i then I am happy to call it a 7i. If it is stronger loft than traditional (say the same loft as a traditional 6i) then maybe we should call it a 6i Fli-hi

t myers says:

From a watchability point of view I would ditch these live sessions. It just comes across as very repetitive and redundant. Spin rates and launch angles are usually going to be around the same anyway relative to the club. Maybe a live coaching session with a student would be more interesting.

Kellen M says:

Would be interested in the P790 vs M1 as they are the same loft. Also the P790 vs AP3 as they are both hollow type clubs and very similar in lofts

Martin Dawson says:

How about P750 Proto vs AP2?

Joe Perez says:

The new Titleist MB-T has a hollow head, like the Taylormade P790. Those two should go head-to-head.

Kyron Moon says:

Ben hogan irons also have the lofts written on the bottom ?

WoodyLongone says:

Is there a club Mark couldn't play?

James Will says:

Memo my outfits with Raymondo

Josh says:

I think the AP2 look fantastic really want to try them!

Alex Ma says:

Wouldn't ap3 is better comparison to 790?

Henning Sandersen says:

Interested to see if there's any changes between psi vs p-790 ?

Peter Atherton says:

I got myself some RSI 1's cos I thought I needed the help, I'd played Mizuno MP59's but then started working away and could only play twice every 3 months, but the thick top line just made me feel like a bad player and did more harm to my confidence, so I know what that guy's comment on the video means, we all think differently don't we.

DE4DSHOT says:

Lower loft, lower launch and lower spin yeah. But check the peak height! The TM's are going higher so in long irons the TM's will be beasts

andrew woodley-page says:

Wouldn't AP2 / P770 and TMB / P790 be the more like for like match up?

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