Titleist AP2 Mizuno JPX900 Forged Irons

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Titleist AP2 Mizuno JPX900 Forged Irons. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru hits two very popular irons on the current market to see how they perform against each other. Talking real ball data, while at the same time Mark talks looks, feel and sound. Play your best golf with some of the best golf equipment you can get your hands on.

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Mark Wasik says:

What shafts?

Curtis Polysou says:

That low(er) launch and spin on the JPX would have me running away.

gbvoul says:

TItliest VG3 forged would be a more accurate comparison

ShakotanFC says:

JPX is like 2 degrees flatter lie angle and at least a half inch shorter in shaft length vs the AP2… did you know that?

Kevin Stanley says:

I find your comparison reviews so extremely valuable. This review is no exception. I was convinced several years ago to try Mizuno through watching you and have not been disappointed since changing. Currently play the MP 54s and haven't found anything that compares. Thought this might be the year to switch (JPX 900 Forgred). Didn't care for the 850 Forged, didn't deliver the same feel. How do you think the MP 54s would compare to the 900 Forged?

AaronS says:

I always seem to come back to Titleist now that I'm in the market for new irons. The use of multi-materials (steel & tungsten) is very appealing, while always housing it in a classically beautiful iron. I've done my homework for awhile now, and I think the AP2s are going to win.

BFGDangerZone says:

Can you do a comparison of some of the premium golf balls on the market? ProV, Chromesoft, Duo Urethane, Z Star?
Also, any reason you don't do reviews on Wilson products?

Adam Flynn says:

#nothingfeelslikeamizuno is not just a saying ? two decent clubs but for me i would take the mizunos tyvm!

Chris Gorman says:

I feel like my game is really on the cusp between still finding the "game improvement" irons very helpful and making the transition to a more "performance" (if that's the right term) style of club. Fittings where I live can be quite expensive so I was wondering if there were some criteria that you use to help narrow down people's selections.

Daniel Cuthbertson says:

Great review thanks Mark. I'd be interested to see how you think the Srixon z765 compares to these for performance.

metamurph says:

little tighter dispersion for you on the AP2. I haven't hit the new JPX900's yet but I haven't found a lot of the newest iteration of mizuno clubs to quite have the same feel that my current set or prior set have. I have hit AP2, prefer the 716MB (feel) and performance is basically the same.

Mick Davidson says:

Thanks for the review Mark! Great videos as always. Actually looking between these at the moment and about to go and hit them. love the look of the Jpx 900!

Joel Metz says:

716 the best!

Train For Golf says:

I think both are ugly AF

golfbuddy1969 says:

I like the look of the AP2, but to me, isn't even close to the beauty of the Mizuno, tour or the forged, either one.

Mark Crossfield says:

If I swung like crossfield I would not show it it slo mo

Alex Kross says:

Mark have you ever gamed Titleist clubs other than their wedges?

Ove Berthling says:

isn't it a problem when clubs keeps spinning less all the time…? 4500rpm for a 7i is more like a 5i

Insu 백인수 says:

716MB vs your MP5… you know what i mean… Club porn

Ross Stenhouse says:

Absolutely love Crossfields swing.

Ashley Brooke says:

hello Mark,
I have been watching your videos for a while now and only just started to play.. I haven't even got my own set as of yet and wanted to know what clubs you recommended? I struggle with my drivers but can hit a 3 iron around 230 yards. I played against a 22 handicapper and beat him, however I'm not sure if that is any good or not.. my short game isn't too bad but I use baseball grip and cannot get to grips with interlock and so on… any advice at all is appreciated!!

sorry it's so long!

James Ashworth says:

please could you go and watch my golf videos, it would mean a lot

i Mc says:

AP2 all day, although I prefer my Adams CMB's ? #Underrated

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