TITLEIST IRON TESTING – T100S v T100 v 620CB v 620MB

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I test & compare the Titleist T100S, T100, 620CB & 620MB irons looking at the differences in performance and which models are ideal to create split sets etc. These are all the forged headed irons that Titleist offer.

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Joe Gatta says:

I have the T100s in all black. Stealth! Best looking clubs. New line coming out in September!

Golf Endeavor says:

Got to be the CBs

DisplayName says:

How do these MB's compare to your Wilsons?

TZOID08 says:

Titleist is ridiculous with how many Irons they offer. I would bet the T100 T100S T200 do 75 percent or more of the sales. They could kill 3 or 4 offerings and nobody would care.

nCeeBee says:

Can't remove the bad shots in a round. Those T100s look like a clear winner. Ego vs reality. Hahaha

L Calvin says:

i have the 620 mb cb combo. first time being properly fitted. and dropped my handicap from 8 to 4. i wish i was fitted 10 years ago.

Jimmi McKenzie says:

Interesting review Mike. Titleist are on my list for testing, t100/100s looks great to my eye, and performed well.

Ray Golding says:

Been wanting to see the comparison between the T100 and 100s.

Mark Brook says:

thanks Mike good info always!

Sam Slade says:

Interesting that the 100s with less loft had a higher peak height then the 100. Spin a little better with the 100, but the 100s makes up for it with descent angle.

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:


I am currently gaming the 620 CB in 5i-PW! My 4i is currently a T200.

the reason for the T200 is for the height! That club launches to the moon and gives me a lot of stopping power!

Really enjoyed the review!

Daniel Atherton says:

620 MB for me.

Skylar Steel says:

I’ve needed this video! Been trying to find good titleist iron comparison videos and here we are!

Niklas Svensson says:

Drinking game idea! Have a shot every time Michael says "sort of" ??

gregory walker says:

when you spend so much for clubs these days, it's hard to resist the looks of titleist irons ( as it's always been). i'm excited to at least to go to the range after upcoming covid vaccination. riding with a stranger in a cart, is, for me, another year away.

Jacob McCain says:

I'm in the T100S bent 1 weak. I really like them. Pretty easy to hit for the look. Shot my first ever rounds in the 60s with these clubs.

Petter says:

Great lineup in my opinion. However I think that Titleist has moved the T100 little bit to close to the CB though. The head of the T100 is smaller than the original AP2. They should have an option for those who wants the forged feel, standard lofts but not look almost like a blade when you adress it by the ball.

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