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Titleist irons for 2020 the complete range compared in this Titleist iron review. See what the new Titleist irons blend is like from the 620 MB, 620 CB, T100 ,T200 and finally the friendly T300 iron. In this video Mark Crossfield and Dan test the ball flight promoted by each new Titleist iron for 2019 2020. When it comes to choosing the best irons for your golf game Titleist have offered fitting and golf clubs for all levels of golfers, in this simple golf tips video see what they could do for your golf swing. If you want to know what Titleist iron to buy then watch this Titleist irons review for the answers. For loads more golf club reviews, club test and golf equipment buying guides make sure you subscribe for FREE today to Mark's YouTube channel links all below.

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Mohit Lakha says:

Would anyone recommend going 620CBs from Pw-5i, and the T100 for the 4i?

Dan kool says:

My 10 year old MIZUNO irons still kick ass no need for new technology cause it’s nothing but hype ?

Dave Erald says:

No, not blended, I have a set of titleist CB 620, 4 to pw, I'm really happy with looks and feel, one day I might be good enough, to move up to MB, dream on lol

Maddog8148 says:

Blending to way to complicated. I do not. But I am interested in these t series. I currently play ping i15. Yes I know they are old and I need a new set. I’m in between t200 and T300. I do want more distance my current 7 iron goes 150-155 yards. Any suggestions?

fanie roos says:

Yes! AP1 4-6, AP3 7-PW

SC says:

Mark and Dan, since I see you manipulating iron heads without shaft and grip, wouldn't be great to have a data base on the heads weight of each clubs series since this type of data is very important to set the swing weight of a full club and that this type of data cannot be found anywhere ? Thanks, Stephane

SC says:

Hi Mark, Yeah I have a blended set called Pro Combo by Nike back in… 2002. Amazing how A) Nike was such in advance in their approach B) Nike is missed since they quit the club business and C) the marketing from the remaining producers can be over complicated. Cheers Stephane

Plym Star says:

I like these videos but I find mark doesn’t live in the real world. The majority of new or younger golfers will be going to AG or similar to buy their clubs (0% finance) You’re then lucky to get 30mins with a shop worker who knows a little bit about golf let alone having opportunity to hit 500balls all the way through from 4iron to 9iron. Always goes on about getting fitted, but if I went into torquay golf club and asked Dan to fit/blend me with new irons and then went and bought them online what would he have to say.

chugga505 says:

With a limited budget I'm a bit stuck on options. I have my Callaway Apex forged Cavity backs and my older set of callaway X-18 Pro Series from back in the day. But the older clubs have an older loft, so the older 5 iron is like the newer 7 iron. I also feel the forged bladed ones are easier to strike, although they should be harder. In my case I don't feel I get any added help from blending even though I feel that I should be. Does that make sense? So my question is, is it important to blend clubs from the same generation so that the distances and ease of use match-up?

Michael Nowak says:

All my standard irons 2-pw are silver scott. Cleveland wedges, Ping eye 2 woods

Mark Preston says:

Great video, I took 4 iron and 5 wood out to replace with 3 and 4 hybrids as for how I play, they give me what I need. Next iron set, gonna have to think on the blend, particularly 4,5,6i – especially as fitting is generally only around 7i ?⛳?

fanie roos says:

yes, Titleist AP1 4-6, AP3, 7-P

Andrew Parry says:

Yes! 4, 5, 6 CB and 7, 8, 9, PW MB

Preston Corbett says:

Great video, blown my mind

Simon Wall says:

Interesting to hear you say that you prefer more loft, I do too just need to match my game to it , lessons here I go

Simon Wall says:

I wish I was closer to you guys for fitting

Scott Mensi says:

I've been using a 710 AP1 5-6, AP2 7-W for almost 10 yrs. I go up to hybrid after the 5.

francis mccormack says:

Hi Mark,

Tom Wishon blades gap wedge to 8 iron, then shallow cavity 7 to 5 iron and hybrids in the 3 and 4. Best set I have ever owned. I also have a 5 hybrid for days when I’m not at the races with the 5 iron. It’s also a belter from lush rough and links courses.

I was custom fit by Melvyn at Four Counties golf about 4 years ago and this was his recommendation. My best decision ever. ?

Michael Bowie says:

I don’t have a blended set but I am going in to get a complete Titleist fitting next week. I’ve played the AP2s since they came out and expect to be fitted into T100s up through their 7 iron. The question is whether the data suggests the T200s or 300s after that. I know you were impressed with the launch and spin rates of the T300s (from previous video), which is why I assume you went with them. I was wondering if you considered the T200s blended in with your 100s. It’s mostly cosmetic for me (200s vs 300s). This video is very helpful.

Martin Reilly says:

Hi Mark, I have also 2 6 irons for loft and gapping ( Mizuno JPX919 Tour PW – 6 and Hot Metal Pro 6 iron (5 iron).

Robert B says:

I would love to see a similar video but instead have every clubhead at the exact same loft….say maybe 34*. Now that would be an awesome comparison!!! It would be great to see if there is any difference in peak heights, spin, carry, etc.

Nicholas Mancuso says:

Not blended and struggling with the concept of the blend given my results. Gamed my new t200 and loved them as much as when they were fitted. Struggled with distance control, so we went to the range and put each club on flight scope. Stock distances were not surprisingly 1 club longer. Stepping on them consistently added 8 yards per club with almost no exception. The issue I had was the gap between the 7 and 8. Where the button : ) kicked in on the 7, all of the sudden I picked up an extra half club over the 8 and even a bit more than the others when I stepped on it. So for me, blending in a more players club on the short irons, however much I'd want to, just wouldn't work as it would produce an ever bigger gap. Conversely, blending in a 300 on the longer irons would produce another gap or two in my bag on top of it. So without messing with lofts, it seems like t200s throughout the bag make the most sense for me. If there were one exception it might be trying to go to t100 just for the 7 or maybe the 6 as well, because I'd prefer to have a gap at the longer end of the bag, but at the end of the day, hitting the 7 190 instead of 170 felt better to me. : )

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