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Picking your next set of irons can be a tricky business.

In this video David Cunninghame (@DC_bunkered) puts each of Titleist’s five strong T-Series irons line-up through their paces to let you know which one might be best for you and how they compare with one another.

He will also go into detail on the two new additions to the line-up – T400 and T100•S.

The T400 irons are Titleist’s all-new, easy launching distance machines. It is the brand’s first true foray into the super game-improvement category but will they live up to the distance and forgiveness promises that Titleist is making?

The T100•S, meanwhile, is for those of you seeking forged feel and precision with some added distance.

Watch the video for everything you need know about how these five iron models perform.

Watch our T100, T200 and T300 review here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIJ3GfP1Pz8

To find out more about the T400 irons click here – https://www.bunkered.co.uk/gear/titleist-t400-irons-first-look

To find out more about the T100•S irons click here – https://www.bunkered.co.uk/gear/titleist-t100s-irons-first-look



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Changsu Lee says:

what I want to know is, hit 50 balls on glass, tell me how many miss hit and how far off the target! I am looking for easy forgiving irons! — anyway, thanks for good review!

Steven Klinkhamer says:

Nice looking clubs- impressive engineering- have to check them out soon.

Gav Brett says:

Any reason why club head speed dropped with the t100s (nearly 2mph) ?


G'Day Dave, Very informative and thanks kindly., Can't decide between T300 & T400, need to get fitted I guess…

james harris says:

Great video. Well done. If u have a Miss strike as in the case of the T400 why not just hit another ball? I don't get it. That was the club I was interested in. None unless you did a great job thanks

Francesco Morandi says:

Nice video and good test, Now titles irons are more interesting even for avarage golfers?

Jason Jordan says:

Great video, I'm going to order the T100S irons with the Project X LZ 6.0 shafts, can't wait to play with those bad boys??

JagGator Fan says:

Nice video. Would love to see more on the T100S.
Could you please Do a head to head video with the T100S irons vs P760, MP20 MMC. Based on looks feel and the numbers or take them on the course and give your feedback. Thx.

Walter Winstanley says:

A very good test comparison, but whilst you say the T100 is the one for you, (3hcp, if I am right) the T200 looks to be the best for highly skilled amateurs and probably up to high single figures.It is a very impressive line up and well demonstrated too.

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